By ac13 - 27/06/2010 18:03 - United States

Today, I called my boyfriend to tell him how excited I was to drive 12 hours to see him and his new house. His girlfriend answered. FML
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TaylorTotsYumm 10

Atleast it wasn't his boyfriend


fakeking2 0

but did you already drive 12 hours then call or was that before?

W3BD3V 0

Never date someone 12 hours way, that's just asking to be cheated on.

TaylorTotsYumm 10

Atleast you didn't drive all the way there to have his girlfriend answer the door.

FMLcommenterGIRL 0

OP, you shouldve visited ALOT more.

#25, are you saying it's her fault he's a cheating dick? o_O

Blame_The_Dog 0

it is both of their faults for thinking long distance relationships work. NO long distance relationships work unless they both visit very often or move in with eachother. And also I'm having steak for dinner, idk if anyone was wondering just throwing it out there.

FMLcommenterGIRL 0

30- Nope. It's his own brainless fault he's a cheating dick. But maybe if she had visited more it might not have happened so soon, and she might not have had to find out like that.

Impossible! How did you call yourself! Oh wait, he forgot to mention he had a girlfriend and whilst you hung out with him all the time and was his servant, you thought you guys were together. dumbass

Get over it. Stop being so butthurt.

39: How is it still long-distance if they've moved in together? o.O

KiddNYC1O 20

oh a **** sighting =] butthurt= word win lol

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#1 you look like lil wayne kinda

KiddNYC1O 20

but Jane it say "his new house" =p. oh well, you never know

Eamon128 1

39 yo so am I. steaaaaaaaaak yum

xlossofmex 0

39- It is not impossible. I've been in a long distance relationship for 2.5 years with a great guy. We see eachother for a couple of weeks every 2 months or so, talk VERY often, and play online games together. The key is great communication and visiting as often as possible.

Hamsterzilla 0

you should still drive 12 hours just so you could beat the shit outta your new ex-boyfriend and his girlfriend.

Blame_The_Dog 0

LMAO 58 it doesn't get much more racist/stereotypical than that, you win. here your prize 

Blame_The_Dog 0

51 that's what I'm saying it wouldn't work unless they somehow made it ...non-long distance... by moving in or visiting every day !...

Blame_The_Dog 0

92- how do you know it's going great? because he says so? I don't want to be the bad gu but there's no way of telling if he cheating/ seeing other people. Online games? doesn't sound too serious to me.

Blame_The_Dog 0

nvm 92 if you guys visit often and talk then good I hope it lasts I read my corny and realized how much of a dick I sounded like :( sorry someone mod the comment I put about 92:(

missvee98324 0

thanks 105 i am oh so grateful for my present

HOLY SHIT! IF she was 12 hours away! how the hell did she answer her own call?

He's clearly not your boyfriend then. He lives 12 hours away with another woman... seems you've been deceived, either willfully or accidentally. Either way, sucks to be you.

That's unfair to the girl if I really think about it

FMLcommenterGIRL 0

I think she had already gotten there, and then called him.

PYLrulz 17

55 - unless you are at one end of texas.

yes, you should never have a long distance relationship.

long distance relationships never work out. tht is still messed up though

agreed with 4. those long distance things don't work

FMLcommenterGIRL 0

4- The only reason MOST long distance relationships don't work is because everyone, including the two in the relationship, are waiting for it to go down the drain. Some long distance relationships do work. Want proof? just ask.

It works if both people aren't cheating idiots. Boo hoo if you don't get to see them often; that's not a valid reason to cheat.

Long distance relationships do workout. I've met a man 2 years ago online, and stayed together and strong ever since. After all that time of never meeting each other once, he flew me up from Texas to Wisconsin just a week ago. We've been through many things. Cried, laughed. So many problems arose, but we got over them. Strongest love ever.

is it just me or are there like 800000 of these same situations?

FMLcommenterGIRL 0

It's the latter of the two -.- btw. anti-flood sucks*4

ttyler333 7

shouldn't of left before whoppin some ass

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my cousins an artist in miami so he did it free