By lolo - 22/02/2013 00:16 - Israel - Ofaqim

Today, I downloaded a movie that I already own on DVD, because I was feeling too lazy to get up and fetch it from the living room. I think I've hit rock bottom. FML
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You realise that you have hit rock bottom but sound like you do not intend to act differently, you get not sympathy from me.

You can download a movie without it being illegal.


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You can download a movie without it being illegal.

soja_fml 18

Umm, you know, there's many different ways to download movies and it's completely legal....

I've never met anyone who's been charged with that.

So long as you previously owned such merchandise, it's not illegal.

hellbilly205 17

Well, atleast you weren't lazy enough to not download it...

MrBrightside21 20

It's not rock bottom 'til the "movie" is ****. Speaking from experience as well.

At least you went from rock bottom to rock hard...

you can buy movies from itunes or amazon and websites like that. it doesnt always have to be illegal.

fksfsdhfsdfh 26
MrBrightside21 20

56 - I tried to pirate a movie once. But couldn't because it was rated "arrrrrgh."

jaredofmo 22

At no point were we told that this was an illegal download. It could have been, but on the other hand, it may have been legal.

How the heck can this ever be illegal? He owns the original product already, even if he downloaded a pirated version he has still paid for said product. Logic.

buying one movie doesn't grant you ownership of every copy out there. same as with any other product. I can't go to walmart, grab a drink off the shelf and drink it without paying today because I bought one yesterday.

rabidpeach 5

someone kinda said it but copyright infringement is not stealing. completely separate law. stealing denies someone the use of thing, youre just taking a copy. so nothing like swiping a store shelf.

Not necessarily actually. It really depends what type of media it is (movie, music, etc) and where you live.

Oh yeah like the feds would spend time and money on that

You realise that you have hit rock bottom but sound like you do not intend to act differently, you get not sympathy from me.

This guy is certainly not going far in life. Fyl.

When you own a movie but your too lazy to get up and get it so you download if, that's rock bottom.

Thursday737 7

Acknowledging your problem is the first step in recovery! Better than denial.

2, I feel slightly badly for OP only because he sounds severely depressed. I think there is more to this story to make him so lazy. I just hope he snaps out of it.

You don't know that, u don't even know who he is. He could be a fat Bill Gates or Donald Trump.

Just saying, I expected this to be an American post ^_^

GwennaRose 22

Think positive OP, at least you have the extra money to download a movie. Unless you downloaded it illegally...

RpiesSPIES 27

Yes it is. All owning it does is help you justify your actions.

if that is so in your country, it can still be different in OP's country.

Geometric 18

Hitting rock bottom would be deleting it afterwards because you're too lazy to even watch it.

Maybe if Jillian Micheals were there she'd make you get up off your ass... Just saying.

cwjb99 9

Well look at the bright side well nvm their is no bright side

soja_fml 18

Yeah there is!! Now he has 2 of them and, umm he can umm..ok nevermind.

*there I apologize for being that person.

*there I I apologize for being that other person

OP's fatness blocks out the sun so technically there is no bright side. OUR FAT ROLLS BLOCK OUT THE SUN! THEN WE SHALL FAP IN THE SHADE!

ratatat234 4

Nowhere in the fml does it mention op is fat. Rude

63- Well, what more could you expect from a guy called LarryLaDouche? :p

1PersonIsMyWorld 22

I don't think OP needs the popcorn..