By jarrettsorko - 23/08/2011 16:38 - Canada

Today, someone broke into my house. They stole my TV, DVD player and a few DVDs. However they only took about 2 out of 100 DVDs. Apparently that's how bad my taste is in movies. FML
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flockz 19

sorry no one likes twilight that much...


lmao oh wow that's too funny. I wonder what kind of movies u had

nixter5 18

Did you have 98 copies of sex and the city 2?

Just because they took two out of 100 doesn't mean OP has bad taste in movies... Maybe the robbers didn't have enough room in their bag....

shybear15 0

I love how ops stuff got stolen and is complaining about taste in movies , tf

How did you even notice you were missing 2 movies? Do you have them counted out?

As long as they didn't take jumungi , because. It's a board game movie

goebsy 8

"Let's see what movies they have...Catwoman, Disco Godfather, Leprechaun in the Hood....Dammit. Nevermind."

Apparently i forgot how house robbers are know across the world for their great tatse in movies. So why sweat it op, your taste is your own, i would rather concentrate on the fact that your house was robbed instead of your taste

Sex in the City series, 2 and a half Men series, Twilight Series, Twilight Limited Edition. The 2 good movies were True Grit and Forrest Gump.

yadisingh 5

21. He got robbed. Why the **** should he be happy?

juicedboi 7

They left Street Fighter live action with van damme didn't they? I'm goin to get on my botte, and I'm going upreever. I am going to kick that sunofabeetch bye suns ass so heart! the next bye sun wallaby is gonna fill it. For the 3 of you who get this reference, I feel bad for you.

Should have had renter's/owners insurance. Then you don't have to worry bout anything...

This reminds me of that commercial where the robbers steal everything but the family's computer. Obviously, OP, you need to go buy a whole new movie collection with movies worthy of theft.

Excuse u, u can bash SATC movies all u want but the series was awesome!

Majstr 23

Or maybe the robber was the one with bad taste in movies. :)

64- Thats most likely true. I can tell you that after stuffing a TV and a DVD player into a duffel bag, you don't have much room left.

musicphreakk 0

Or Maybe , Your Taste Is SO Good , That The Robber Already Had 98 Of The Movies You Did :)

After reading "they took 2 out of 100 cds" part,i thought op homemade dvd was stolen..if ya know what i mean..

Not a really smart robber. He could've always sold them. Anyways I guess it's good u have ur specific type of movies and a bad robber

sxe_beast 11

Maybe they just didn't want to lug around 100 DvD boxes so they took their favorites? Or maybe they have bad taste in movies? And why are you worried about your taste of movies? I would worry about trying to make my home more secure and the uber expensive equipment that was stolen.

flockz 19

sorry no one likes twilight that much...

Sweej 1

Pretty sure there isn't 100 Twilight movies... Not sticking up for it, as I'd just shove it up someone's ass, but just stating a fact.

flockz 19

maybe he has the exclusive "behind the scenes" footages.... my eyes are burning just thinking about it.

My eyes burn just thinking about Edward and his constipated face.

reallytho3 11

Thts like having a ipod with no cpu

Maybe your collection is amazing & they have terrible taste in movies.

Sell all your DVDs and buy a new DVD player oh wait...

Sorta defeats the purpose, doesn't it? (; Or it'll be good to get op a chance to buy good movies and get rid of the bad ones

cash_monkey72 9

Aww, did the mean people take your ****?

It's sad that only two out of his **** collection were good enough to take

Note from the robber would probably read: Only found 2 worth stealing. You're into some f***ing creepy stuff dude.

KiddNYC1O 20

I like your sarcasm but there's an emotional aspect involved here. Having someone break into your house can be traumatizing.

schaflava 0