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  tona01  |  16

Apparently i forgot how house robbers are know across the world for their great tatse in movies.
So why sweat it op, your taste is your own, i would rather concentrate on the fact that your house was robbed instead of your taste

  juicedboi  |  7

They left Street Fighter live action with van damme didn't they? I'm goin to get on my botte, and I'm going upreever. I am going to kick that sunofabeetch bye suns ass so heart! the next bye sun wallaby is gonna fill it. For the 3 of you who get this reference, I feel bad for you.


This reminds me of that commercial where the robbers steal everything but the family's computer. Obviously, OP, you need to go buy a whole new movie collection with movies worthy of theft.

  sxe_beast  |  11

Maybe they just didn't want to lug around 100 DvD boxes so they took their favorites? Or maybe they have bad taste in movies? And why are you worried about your taste of movies? I would worry about trying to make my home more secure and the uber expensive equipment that was stolen.

  Sweej  |  1

Pretty sure there isn't 100 Twilight movies... Not sticking up for it, as I'd just shove it up someone's ass, but just stating a fact.