By WeighYourWords - Belgium - Overheid
Today, my overweight colleague twisted his ankle. He's pretty self-conscious about his weight, but I had a brain-fart and told him he shouldn't try to put too much weight on it. His feelings are more hurt than his ankle now. FML
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  krazy789  |  28

OP shouldn't have to give him chocolates because they didn't do anything wrong. They gave simple advice and cant help it if it offends him in a way OP didn't mean too.

By  starguy82  |  4

Most people who are overweight knows they are. Only thing is, sometimes they need help to get started and don't really know where to begin or too afraid to ask. I've seen big people out running and they may not be running fast but I applaud them for being outside trying. I would never make fun of someone who's at the gym or running outside because they're taking the first step of becoming a better person.

  kingdomgirl94  |  28

My only problem with this is that it sounds like those are the only conditions in which you wouldn't make fun of a fat person. Regardless of what they're doing, you shouldn't make fun of anyone. Their weight is none of your business.