By notaman - 11/02/2016 18:12 - United States - Marion

Today, I found out my insurance company denied my claim because they had me marked down as "male" and yet also pregnant. I now have to prove to them that I'm actually a woman. FML
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Walk into their building naked. Should clear things up nicely

God then where does the stupidity end. Eventually they're going to ask someone for proof of not being a squirrel.


How come this issue hasn't came up earlier?

Perhaps the OP never had a claim prior to this. :)

typos happen. My insurance had the wrong sex on it this year, too, after being correct last year. It was an easy fix though.

One time my job had me labeled as a pregnant woman, they had mistyped my ssn, and had the wrong birthdate.

Had something similar, too. My PCP retired last year so Blue "helped" me out by defaulting to another area MD - a woman's health specialist. *Picard face palm*

God then where does the stupidity end. Eventually they're going to ask someone for proof of not being a squirrel.

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Google an article about a lady who had to prove she was still alive to her bank. Not kidding.

Yeah, sadly every year the government accidentally declares many people dead who are, in fact, still very much alive. It is hell trying to get things straightened out.

Fricken Insurance companies I swear down.

Walk into their building naked. Should clear things up nicely

You'd think so but thanks to plastic surgery appearances can be deceiving.

I don't think the magic of the ****** can be achieved through plastic surgery

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Trans people and gender affirming surgeries exist.

#44, surgeries are done, but while the constructed parts look real enough at a passing glance, it will never look like the original upon closer inspection.

#46, you should do some more research, SRS can and does turn out really well for people. Also even if the "part" is a result of surgery, that doesn't make the person any less their gender. Also trans people who haven't had their surgeries yet, or can't or don't want to, are still the gender they identify as. Body parts dont make you a man or a woman. I know #5 posted that in jest, but I thought I should clear up some things since it came up.

I think we should round up all of the people like #63 and ship them off on a boat. There are 2 genders and for as long as anyone can remember a penis or a ****** at birth identifies them so.

#63, how many surgically generated privates have you seen up close and personal. Because I have (long story that condenses to one of my exes being trans), and regarding the fact that they are constructed out of the opposites they look really amazing, but they don't look *exactly* natural, plus there are scars.

#74 wow bruh thanks for the unnecessary transphobia congratulations you accomplished nothing

Sue them for slander - since they don't believe you're a pregnant woman, they are calling you a fat man. Show them the frivolity of their ways!

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Totally ridiculous that you would be held accountable for their error - at least it's pretty easy to prove your sex with a quick doctor's visit.

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United Airlines ****** up and overcharged me by a couple hundred dollars. What did they do? They gave me a coupon for the amount for a future flight because apparently they can't undo the charges. I made a new flight with a new company and made United give me a full refund. Companies don't want to be accountable.

That's horrible! Also, denying a pregnant person's claim because they're listed as male is not ok. There have been cases of transmen having children (giving birth). Their claims should be covered too.

That happens a lot more than people realize. Trans guys can want kids too!