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Hey those things are pretty expensive these days

Everyone has their bad days


Hey those things are pretty expensive these days

GDragonsSwag 21

Buy one creamed man and get another for FREE!

Everyone has their bad days

... What do you do for fun?

I'd say "What a shitty situation" but then you FMLers might force me to watch shitty infomercials at gunpoint, and we all know that's pure torture.

*puts gun to you* Watch the infomercials.

That is for sure an all time rock bottom low...but not a YDI well in my opinion

If you buy something you don't need just because it's on sale, are you really saving money?

You know, they say it's 50% off, but then they get you with the shipping and handling

and bump up the price by 20%

And then within a couple of months you'll see the same sort of product in a cheap shop for much less than they are charging.

At least you can afford it if you wanted it!

You creamed yourself after that? What would happen if you watched free porn?

Hope you bought it. Maybe than you can invite guests over to have juice....and not get into such sad situations