By AKGrace - 21/02/2013 20:45 - United States - Wasilla

Today, a co-worker invited me to go out for lunch with him. I politely declined, saying I had too many errands to do. The truth is that I'm just too broke. I'll be buying myself a burrito using quarters I found on the floor of my car. FML
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OP here! I appreciate everyone's feedback and helpful comments! Although I make considerably less than most of my coworkers because I have only been here about 7 months, I have no room to complain. I just thought this story would make a good FML. Me and my boyfriend make a decent living on our own and this situation happened after I had to fork out some money on some unexpected expenses! I do pack my own lunch about 4 out of 5 days and have actually been working on budgeting a lot more! Even reading Dave Ramsey's Total Money Makeover.. I have definitely noticed a lot of money saved by not eating out as much as I used to!

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Lionesse 15

Don't be ashamed of not having money.. It happens.. Just be upfront and take a rain check with your co-worker. They should understand

Simply say, "I would love to, but budget is tight this month. I'm very sorry! Maybe next time, though?" That can't hurt anything, and maybe he'll offer to pay! :) I hope things go better in the future!


Lionesse 15

Don't be ashamed of not having money.. It happens.. Just be upfront and take a rain check with your co-worker. They should understand

hellbilly205 17

Ramen noodles and easy mac and hamburger helper are gonna have to get you through your hard times OP we have all been there dont worry. It will get better in the near future.

Lionesse 15

#18 Ramen is the best. I live off Cup-O-Soups... 28 cents at your local Walmart. Probably not the healthiest diet...

Nothing beats a Ramen noodle casserole. Can eat it any time of the day to.

Adding to 1's comment, when I would be broke and invited out, I'd speak up and my friend/co-worker would cover me or ask to do something else (such as just baby out and talk at a park). The next time, I'd ask the person to hang out and I'd automatically pay, without even letting them know. It's a back and forth thing that always works for my friends and I.

Me and my buddy use to do that. We were the only 2 out of our friends that worked grave shift, so we would get breakfast after our shift was over and we paid back and forth.

77, it is awesome, isn't it? Heck, my boyfriend and I do this to each other all the time :-). He might be old fashioned but I know he loves that I don't expect him to pay for everything.

My comment (#69) should show "hang" not "baby."

Why do people whine about being poor? OP at least owns a ******* car.

Ah good. Because I was googling what it meant and nothing there lol

This is when dollar stores are your friend

Manage your money.

Time for some Dave Ramsey!

BubbleGrunge 18

Let me ask you; if every penny you make is already designated to a bill, how do you suggest managing money? I've been in OP's place, busting ass 40-45 hours a week only to pay off all the necessity bills! These were bills such as electric, rent, water, etc., we didn't have Internet for a long time! Now, again, tell me now to manage money when after bills, I had about 20 for gas/bus fare.

BubbleGrunge 18

22-I rode the bus for a long long time because it wasn't feasible for me to walk to work. I worked about 20 miles from my home and had to be at work at 7-8 in the morning. Sure, if I could walk some place I usually did to avoid bus fair but that's isn't always going to work out.

That reminded me of a certain 2012 Presidential Candidate, "Just borrow money from your parents," and things assimilating fault with the sole person rather than all of the circumstances.

Manage your comments and think before you post...

that's sucks op you should have just tooken it because usually when someone offers it means they pay ;)

I would've tooken it all, and leeft noothing left.

I also would have tooken it and ordered the most a expensive thing on the menu.

Ugh you guys are all idiots. It is taken not tooken. (Guy who did not get the joke)

61, are you implying that your comment would have been what someone who did not get the joke would have said, or are you implying that everyone who replied to the original comment somehow "did not get the joke"?

73- Anywho. 61 should've just tooken the chance to stay silent and not make himself look like a cumbucket.

At least number 4 was smart enough to realize that it was supposed to be the past participle and not past/present tense. He just needs to work on figuring out that tooken just sounds ridiculous and is not the correct word. :) And Noor - it's would've not would of. :P

unknownfork 12

Food stamps.

No. OP can save a bunch of money by switching to Geico!!

broke ass bitchez

Not everybody is eligible for food stamps.

I usually pay for my friends food if they don't have any money.

everton99 16

What kind of friend doesn't? Every time I go out my friends and I switch off paying for each other.

You guys are lucky, only one of my friends ever pitches in.

8, you're a good friend. I hope they appreciate you. I used to be the one always paying when my friends were broke (which was often). It got to the point where I felt the friendships were one sided and it caused resentment. Now we pay our own ways or live by: "If you ain't got no money take your broke ass home."

Never lend people money you'll want back or cannot loose. And never give away or pay for people if it will make you restless if the favor isn't returned. I pay for some of my friends now and then, because I can afford it, and I know its a blessing for them. If it'll cost me a dinner to spend some quality time with a good friend, then it is money well spent.

Simply say, "I would love to, but budget is tight this month. I'm very sorry! Maybe next time, though?" That can't hurt anything, and maybe he'll offer to pay! :) I hope things go better in the future!

#9 I get what you're saying but from personal experience, I learned sometimes its better not to tell people your situation especially if you're struggling. I just noticed OP typed "Co-worker" not "friend from work" If he takes your advice his bad situation could just become work gossip.

#27 True, true. The circumstances do affect wether or not my statement may be a good thing to say, but I would think that if she works and is not making that great of a salary, that other coworkers may not be making good salaries as well, and they would understand. That's just a theory though, and you may be right.

Jaszzie 6

Or you could have saved that extra money, and buy a combo from taco bell!

Taco time is so much better.

Then she'd have to pay the doctor bills for the food poisoning...

erck3800 12

i did that for about a year, i feel your pain op

I'm doing that right now! College is taking up my entire check. If it weren't for my parents I'd be on the streets.

Food pantry. Go before they run out near the end of the month. And don't be ashamed; the workers there see former donors and working people all the time, these days.