By Anonymous - 23/01/2013 01:33 - United States - Phoenix

Today, I discovered that my downstairs neighbor is running a business out of her apartment. Or I should say, her pimp is. FML
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You should see opportunity here. Set up a condom stand in the hallway.

Call the cops on them when they're in "business".


Call the cops on them when they're in "business".

how would op prove the facts tought? Why not just ask for a cut of the profits in exchange for silence?

Oh, probably because pimps kill those kind of people.

well not necessarily, why go down for murder instead of just sponsoring prostitution or whatever the offence is called wherever op lives

Don't you mean during their "business hours"? ;D okay, bad joke is bad. I'm out.

*business minutes ...or minute, it depends. ;)

whats the rate for 10 seconds? umm, im asking for a friend...I swear...

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Maybe you should head down and investigate, for you know, "research" ;)

Ew... She's a hooker. What if she has an STD or something? XP

Um wear a condom?? What's the difference between a hooker and a ONS..?

Yeah, but I feel like your body (man or woman) should be more like a sacred temple, not the drive thru at McDonalds.

Report them to your building superintendent, but if it's not directly bothering you then you could just leave it alone.

It's still illegal. And needs to be reported.

Watch out, OP! You might get pimp slapped!

You should see opportunity here. Set up a condom stand in the hallway.

You, sir, will go far in the modern world.

I would set up some cameras and start up a new film company. I'd name it..."$50 for the night"

your stand would have came in handy last night : )

Maybe offer chlamydia tests with purchase?

16 just made me gag on my coffee. Yuck.

Or pregnancy tests. Those also work. Just have an all in one stand. Condoms, Chlamydia tests, and pregnancy tests, along with whatever else you may want to add. Even T-Shirts!

14- name the company DTF productions. (down to fap)

#29 promotion of safe sex is what i was thinking.that prolly didn't come across to well.

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Well, you know where to turn to if you're ever out of a job, and need some quick cash. But seriously, FYL.

She will not only get a job, but give a job

I literally just went through the same experience about two hours ago, OP. Cops busted her as I was moving into my "new home"

Honestly 33, what did you expect from someone whose user name is, "I get it in, cum to win"?

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I'm sorry, but I have failed to understand what message you are trying to get across.

I read the name with comma over one word, "I get it in Cum, to win."

I think "imawhore" must have been taken.

Well then get some discounted service ;)