By MyEarsHurt - 16/09/2012 23:01 - United States - Stockton

Today, my next-door neighbor decided to become a rapper. FML
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Well hey; maybe when he's famous, he'll be all like "I gotta give it up to my neighbor for giving me recognition on FML."

At least he didn't start playing the bagpipes


At least he didn't start playing the bagpipes

TheTwistedOtaku 16

I hate to admit that I actually like bagpipes (folk metal fan), but feel so much pity for OP because I find rap torturous.

Or a bagpipe playing rapper. ...I just killed it didn't I?

I agree with you 27, bagpipes have an amazingly eerie sound that I just love.

Coulda been worse, he might have taken up raping instead...

ChicaChica5683 0

My friend plays the bagpipes!!!!! :)

What's wrong with the bagpipes? They're awesome!

Well hey; maybe when he's famous, he'll be all like "I gotta give it up to my neighbor for giving me recognition on FML."

Either thats a failed attempt at sarcasm or just a really bad statement.

...makes me wonder how I keep from going under...

yup and than op will become famous by association :)

Mister_Triangle 21

If only there was an app for that too. Maybe an app that was dedicated to FYL scenarios and it could house a button or two for users to express their feelings about it. Wouldn't that be neat?

And maybe comment, too? And the comments could be voted on... Naw, that'd never work, I'm getting ahead of myself.

Hope hes atleast decent, or I'd invest in ear plugs.

To be fair, I figured that out when he mentioned the guy's a rapper. The name just confirmed my suspicions.

btstig 11

Used to read word up magazine,

Salt'n'Pepa & Heavy D up in the limousine

Kn0wledge123 21

Every Saturday Rap attack mr magic marley marl I let my tape rock Til my tape popped Smoking weed and bamboo sippin on private stock

Maybe if he becomes famous someday, you can say "Oh, that rapper? He used to be my neighbor!"

Did you copy me but reverse it? Not cool man. NOT. COOL.

I usually post comments before I read them, sorry about that.

Thelnternet 7

12, a similar comment does not ******* mean that it is a copy of your comment.

Mister_Triangle 21

21, a similar comment sometimes ******* means that it is a copy of your comment.

And a comment sometimes means its a similar *******.

imavelociraptor 6

And a similar sometimes ******* comment means it is a copy...

21, I believe that your profile pic and that comment cannot go together.

Just2BMe 5

Have a freestyle rap battle with him! Those are always fun! That way, it's not so much of an FML anymore!

BlackBlazeCobra 16

OVER HERE IN THIS CORNER!! OPEE~ Across from Op, is the three time Grammy winning champion.. THE NEIGHBOUR!!! Let the RAAAAPPP BATTLE BEGIN!!

Thelnternet 7

not the neighbour D: he will destroy us all!!

I did something similar when my neighbour was masturbating exetremely loudly...I challenged him to a fap-off.

the_smart_way 10

Random rap battle!! UK audience may understand this, Sunday nights from 10!

20, you have the perfect pic for that comment lol

RedPillSucks 31

You down with OPP (Yeah you know me) Who's down with OPP (Every last homie)

Have a rap battle with him, kill him, then call it an epic rap battle of history. The problem is gone and you have some publicity, it's a win win situation.

Pretty sure OP wouldn't want that kind of publicity.

And then op will be arrested for murder! Everyone does win!