By Anonymous - 17/02/2013 00:43 - Finland - Helsinki

Today, I found out that my upstairs neighbor has a cat. I was blessed with this knowledge when she threw several piles of used kitty litter and cat poop over her balcony and onto my patio. FML
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That's disgusting, tell your landlord immediately.

snufflelump 12

at least you weren't standing in the line of fire!


What a shitty day. Gather it up in a bag, set it on fire and leave it in front of your neighbors door step, OP.

Ah, 1st commenter changed his comment. Oh well. *shrugs*

No I didn't, I added on because I accidentally added the comment too early. I didn't change/remove anything.

Technically, you did change it if it was edited.

karpoi 11

Let it rain cat piss and hail cat poop. :)

Yeah it was pretty shitty(ah so horribly punny) but on the brightside, at least it didnt land on your head.

CharresBarkrey 15

"Don't put it out with your boots, Ted."

I would gather it all then mail it to him!

He would set his house on fire if he did.

snufflelump 12

I hope #3 was trying to make a bad pun, and didn't genuinely mix up 'furry' and 'fury'...

BlueFlatts 20

I think 3 meant Furby. Show them your Furby. Look, it's so cute n' cuddly, and not creepy at all.

LOL there are so many haters on me!Apparantly a bad joke can cost you too many negative votes!XD

That's disgusting, tell your landlord immediately.

She was probably in the middle of typing when Candlejack showed up and dr

"The more you know..." Are tv ads in Canada that tell you...

snufflelump 12

at least you weren't standing in the line of fire!

That happened to me once, but it was an actual line of fire.

That's what you get for lying. You should know better by now...

I know now I shouldn't have lied. I didn't think I was going to catch on fire! I wasn't even wearing pants which was the strangest thing.

How can you be sassy without the pants?

I had my SassyShortyShorts on. In fact, I'm more sassy in my SassyShortyShorts. Someone once gave me a compliment saying how my shorts went perfect with my eyes and I told them "Of course they do, unlike you, you disgusting, ugly pig." Of course they weren't a disgusting, ugly pig, which is why I lied, caught on fire (due to said person pouring gas on me and setting me ablaze), and standing in the line of fire. They say sassiness is a virtue, but even virtues are vulnerable.

Yeah, that will be the last time I ever try to give you a compliment. You should never have sassed me when I was attempting to barbecue.

oj101 33

How? By flinging the poop upwards back into her apartment?

Yes. That'll totally be the best revenge ever.

I actually think it is a perfect plan but it lacks a few things. One, it isn't a perfect plan. Two, it is flawed. Three, it is missing a few things. Four, some things are not there. I can help, though. Just keep buying a while bunch of cats, stack them on the patio, climb them, then throw their litter onto the balcony. Now it is perfect meaning nothing could go wrong.

#42 your comment has blessed my night with joy.

I'm glad I could do that but I hate that I put "while" instead of "whole". Well, I can't do anything about it now except point out my mistake before someone else does, like I'm doing now. It might have taken someone a whole to figure it out, but maybe the while thing doesn't matter anyways.

I didn't even notice your error. That's the human brain for you! You can skin right over words that don't have all the lettrs or the right ones and the sentense can still make sence.

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You should take the cat, it deserves a better owner.