By I should have kept my mouth shut - 23/01/2013 01:35 - United States - Davis

Today, I was talking to my grandma and I mentioned the fact that tomatoes are technically fruit. It's been an hour and she's still yelling, accusing me of lying to her. FML
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Trickiest_K 9

It's amazing how fired up people get over a tomato...

So either show her some proof or just let her think she's right. it can't matter that much.


So either show her some proof or just let her think she's right. it can't matter that much.

Knowledge: knowing that tomatoes are a fruit. Wisdom: not putting them in fruit salad.

proof would probably have to be on the internet, and I have a feeling that this grandma will accuse OP of being an evil wizard with their magic holograms of lies if they use the internet as a resource.

I live in tomato street (yes its true...) in the fruit quarter... So i get this all the time...

How do stupid, not funny at all fmls like this make it through when a lot of the good, believable, and humorous ones don't make it through moderation :/. I doubt this actually happened

kryxen 14

Did you know eggplant is actually a berry?

Spottedfeather 7

What change ? Tomatoes have always been fruit.

Trickiest_K 9

It's amazing how fired up people get over a tomato...

Excuse me Sir, but it's pronounced Toe-ma-toe

No sir, I believe it is pronounced "TOW-mater". Didn't you see "Cars"?

Yeah, people will get downright red in the face over tomatoes...

Some people say toe-ma-toe some people say toe-may-toe

I would just drop the subject to come back to it later when she's not as angry and with viable proof

Don't worry OP, at least we know you're right! Old people are starting to get behind information these days.

shan88 14

If it wasn't for "old" people we wouldn't even have the information we do today. Show some respect

astro20 5

Like it really matters. Let her think what she wants to think. Not like its really something important.

How could you do that to your poor grandma?

You are lying, granny knows everything

hawright 13

Seniors are very resistant to change. Just let it go, who gives a shit anyways? They still taste the same.

#9 I doubt that they were even taught that tomatoes are really part of the berry family while they school. Kinda like Pluto was a planet when I was in school, but it is now a ice ball moon or something now.

hawright 13

I know, I still have mixed feelings about losing Pluto. Don't give me a planet and then take it back. It totally kills the mnemonic device because, my very excellent mother just sent us nine ....

It seems like all of elementary school was a lie after Pluto stopped being a planet

It was either that or add more quasi planets.

oj101 33

Some people have a hard time letting go of long held values and tradition. Like religion. And 50's decor. And 80's fashion. And Twilight. Plus, did you know that orange juice and tomato ketchup are legally classed as fruit - one of your 5 a day, even if it only has a fraction of the nutrition that the actual fruit has?

Osito2011 9

Just to let you know, the food pyramid change and the daily value has to.

NickaPLZ 26

Me going a day without orange juice makes for a very bad one, indeed.