By milkshake - United States - Pasadena
Today, at work at a car dealership, a seemingly overzealous customer shook my hand vigorously after we finalized a deal. I didn't think anything of it until a coworker pointed out that he was just trying to make my breasts jiggle. I'm a man. FML
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  OhDearBetrayal  |  25

16- Usually woman's breasts are objectified sexually and are therefore more likely to be harassed, but the reason why the OP being male was mentioned in this FML is because the objectification was based on embarrassment. Either way, a mans breasts should not have to face such molestation. Equal protection to all breasts! That's my motto.

  Carmstro  |  13

I wouldn't say molestation. The customer probably was doing it out of amusement, not sexual pleasure, if that's what their intent was. I don't know a lot of gay men that are into breasts (I'm sure there are chubby chasers, just chances are it was amusement).

By  SApprentice  |  33

Work it, sweetie. You just made a sell, right? Plenty of people like a guy who can rock his boobies. Embrace it. Take it as a compliment. You can go far, my friend.