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  chrisbeaudoin  |  26

Drug dealers usually are hard to pick out. Successful ones at least.

  ThatOneChick856  |  36

When people are really short on money/moving-time, they usually don't have time to issue a background check with everyone who's available. I don't know how old OP and her friend is, but if they're college-aged, it's not weird for people to sign a lease with total strangers (who are also students) after they've met and decided they can live well together.

  mszjred2013  |  4

marijuana doesnt destroy lives.... frankly if your cousin was smoking an herb it wouldnt destroy his or her life... now when you start smoking crack,meth, and shooting heroin that could possibly destroya life.... but its not the drugs fault its the person who smoked it, so technically they screwed theirselves. #geteducated

  Zebediabolical  |  39

I am pretty well educated on the effects of recreational drugs and long term recreation drug use. I'm also pretty well educated on the 'marijuana not even once' memes. Which is what this was referencing with the absurdity of the leap between smoking pot one time and then getting shot while smoking crack in the back of a police car.

By  ericanicole1  |  12

Are they a drug dealer and they have a full time job? Cuz you typically need to show you have a LEGIT (legal) and reliable form of income to get a lease anywhere for anything


typically, yes but if at least 1 person can afford the whole rent by themselves, then the other person doesn't really need to disclose their job/income.. (that's at least in my situation) but the management company should have done a background check on everybody who signed the lease.