By dumbblonde - 13/07/2019 00:31

Today, I figured out that the roommate who I let move in with me on Sunday is probably a prostitute. I’m a lawyer. FML
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So you both screw people for money...

Well you have job security being your roommates lawyer.


Sooo, you're a prude and you can't justify someone trying to get through life doing what they can even if it means they are in the adult industry as it is legal across most of the known world as long as they have a registered business, and if they had to bring clients home, as you would as well, they need to notify you

Sonotsuave 34

Dude are you stupid dumb or retarded? If this is in America and several other countries it’s outlawed, and either way even if it’s occurring in a country with nonexistent or regulated laws, it’s still a fucking concern that op’s a lawyer and therefore has moral implications to his/her job?

EmDizzle2007 28

times are hard.

bobsanction 18

You're a lawyer and you still need a roommate? Must be a shit lawyer.

Well you have job security being your roommates lawyer.

PenguinPal3017 19

How is being a lawyer relevant? You think you'll make a bad impression with the police?

They could be disbarred for consorting with a criminal. It's against the moral code.

I'm fairly certain that having a friend who happens to commit a criminal offense is not legal grounds for disbarment. If the lawyer was found to have committed perjury on that friends behalf regarding their illegal behaviors, yes, but for just being friends I don't believe so.

But isn’t that basically what defense lawyers do, lie to keep their clients out of jail?

Emiweb 9

Sounds like a dodgy 90s sitcom.

Sounds like live-in job security!


So you both screw people for money...

Wadlaen 23

Well, now you got the possibility to expand your job to lawyer AND part-time pimp! Depending on how much she works, there's got to be some money in that. Wish you the best of luck!

donthatemebut 14

You need a tv show.