By fugachumi - 07/08/2011 08:08 - United States

Today, I discovered that every morning at around 3:00 my dad takes a monumental dump in my bathroom. When I confronted him about it he denied it. He still does it. FML
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What's wrong with his bathroom?


CattyPurry 0

there is no such thing as a perfect crime. although if he sprayed some Febreeze after he was finished, that could have thrown you off. >:D


Put some ketchup packets under the toilet seat and give him a squishy!

eminemchick 19

at least he doesnt go out and start killing ppl at 3 am

Noob30 0

Confront him in the bathroom at 3:00, or wait in there until 3:00.

yoursucklives 36

shit in his pillow

stay up one night and occupy the toilet and make him wait. or take a explosive shit right before he goes in. :D

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iLOLatURpain69 7

17- ITS 3AM in the morning. And also OP, tell you dad that 'I'll shit on you'

eminemchick 19

40- not just him, his house, his spouse, his rings, his things..;)lmao

Thats actually a good idea stay in the batgroom until 3am and then confront him

Eggers 2

19- Uh... no.

juicedboi 7

poor guys just sleepshitting. it's a common problem and needs to be treated with caring attitudes. This also explains his lack of memory on the matter.

2ndSucks 15

Thats sick.

otb113 7

isn't that what shitters are for?

brettlovesgirls 4

i agree 45.. i agree all the way.

brettlovesgirls 4

oh yeah, and shit happens.





Pixxio_O 11

Saran wrap, problem solved ;)

Take a video of him taking a shit and confront him about it again. When he denies it, there's your evidence.

iceildor 6

Put ceran wrap over the doorway the seat and sink to teach him a big lesson

shaubygal 11

here's an idea. Lock. The. Door. it's clearly unheard-of among most but it is very affective or spray his with the hose/ silly string while he's on the shitter

So you want them to lock the door and make things harder on themselves should they need to use the bathroom in the middle of the night?

Trust me he gets pissed at me

Why do you give a shit that he takes a shit there and at that time? Is it a conflict with your 3am shit rituals?

Redhead99 16

I'm not sure that will stop him, guys are gross.

Lol, do something with the toilet so that when he flushes it the water will burst out the toilet xD i guess you can say explode

Clingfilm over the toilet...

MrPositive 0

Put plastic wrap over it

Eggers 2

Put Glad Cling Wrap over it

okay people I got it the first time

Dispute 3

SSDD. same shit different day

whisperingeye13 0

hey I have a fresh new idea! try putting cling wrap on the toilet! it's revolutionary!

What's wrong with his bathroom?

Have you ever taken a shit in someones bathroom? It's so exhilarating.

Except taking a shit at any new significant others house, that shits scary

drewpeacock42 1

put seran wrap over the toilet bowl so when he shits it squishes back on his ass

who cares if he takes a shit in your bathroom at 3AM, you should be asleep.

Well maybe he doesn't flush, or he has such awful gas that it still smells when OP wakes up

m0tl3ycru3 0

That's likely how the OP found out


Well that stinks!

Eggers 2

sounds like a *puts on shades* shitty situation.

flockz 19

sounds like a *puts on sunglasses* fucking thread with so many overused dick sucking puns that i might have to spear my own heart with a dull knife while i light my pubes on fire and spit on your grandmother just so i don't have to listen to this bullshit.

HouTexans23 0

69- was that supposed to be funny?

Glitterhinoceros 14

72- Was that suppose to be insulting? Because I found it pretty funny.

flockz 19

i lawled when he informed me i was number 69.

KiddNYC1O 20

Funny or not, he speaks the truth.

sxe_beast 11

You guys could not read the comments... No one is forcing you to read the torturous puns.

Eggers 2

calm your tits 69, I said it because it's abused. no one actually thinks it's clever. it's like giggling at the number 69. oops, asshole hypocrite alert

she said tits, then she said 69..tee hee

He's full of shit.

At least until he takes his dump.

grovervac3000 15

LOL! Quite literally!!!

heartbrakej 0

he's just warming it up for you, how nice of him!

I wonder how u found out

Noob30 0

Here's a hint: 1:00 - ... 2:00 - ... 3:00 - "HRRRGGGNN" 3:15 -

don't forget that unmistakable "plop" sound....

Haha how long did you think it took him to find this out XD

Glitterhinoceros 14

Return the favor

I'm waiting for the first person to say "That's a shitty situation."

olpally 32

U just did..

You should wake up at 3:00 and take a monumental dump in his slipper. Then deny it. Problem solved.