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Because the gynecologist sucks, and is *usually* not a place you can relax at or even remotely enjoy. Unless you're into that.


Maybe not. But it's not aimed specifically at the OP. If it takes something so small to ruin their day, they may need to reevaluate life. :)


this has been discussed before. FML is a place to laugh, it doesn't have to really ruin your whole day for you to post it. :)

By  oj101

As cliche as it sounds, everyone has privates so there's no shame in wanting to keep it healthy. Also, the gynecologist is likely to see hundreds of women per week, so she/he probably won't remember you :)

My gynecologist has a comic on the ceiling above the table, depicting a woman standing up in the stirrups, and under it says "First of all, relax." It usually works.

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