By Anonymous - 02/06/2011 14:10 - United Kingdom

Today, my dad came to visit me. By visit I mean he arrived, took a huge smelly dump and left. This is the first time I've seen my dad in months. FML
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Your place must be on the way to someone he loves :'(


Your place must be on the way to someone he loves :'(

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That seems like your a piece of shit so he's leaving you a souviner that's sad if I were you I'd move far far far away you don't deserve that! This is coming for someone who's dad doesn't give a shit either your dads a loser sorry to say but any dad that can do that and NOT even speak to his daughter gets the WORST FATHER OF THE YEAR AWARD

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this is FML not bad therapy my friend.

53. translation: I have no life, therefore I am going to write a large comment

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he left his scent for you. Enjoy :) 

nothing says "I love you" like a big, huge, and smelly dump in your toilet.

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that's what he thinks of you? idk what to say hahahahaha

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You're all just giving 31 a thumbs down for no reason. You can clearly read what she wrote, and it made sense and wasn't like the other stupid comments she posts. Kudos to you, 31! You just earned yourself a thumbs up from me (and probably only me) even though it won't make that much of a difference :)

Better the toilet than your bed. If you know what I'm saying.

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dude, if he had air fresheners he probably woul've used it on his own toilet instead of using his son's/daughter's toilet cuz his prolly already stinks

That's a strange question, I don't think OP is gonna taste it.

...and sour chicken get in my toilet, Oh Dad!

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15- It's quite clear you don't visit 4chan, or you're just too ashamed to admit you do.

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Clearly, it was a display of affection.

At least you know your toilet is good enough if he comes just to use it.

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Hey, it was a love poo... he could have gone to your neighbors house but he decided to fill your house with his stench instead. You should be happy. ;P

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At least you have a toilet, think of that poor flat with only a basement.

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He wanted something to remind you of him until his next visit in a few months.