By Anonymous - 30/11/2011 03:13 - United States

Today, I decided to light a candle in my room. Since fire intrigues me, I put an old brochure into it. Paper burns fast, and now my carpet has a big, black burn mark. FML
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boycrazy30007 12

I get being a pyro, but there is no excuse for being an idiot

I really hate to say this, but you definitely deserved it.


Luck had nothing to do with it. OP's an idiot.

briandunlikelmo 0

I know. That usually never happens to me.

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Lol best observation of the day "paper burns fast" no ******* shit Sherlock. YDI dumbass smh

you_freak 7

Just make sure you don't wet the bed

Maybe fire is like magic to someone from Kentucky. Just in case you are wondering, sticking a fork in the outlet can shock you, showering with a blow dryer is a bad idea, and don't eat the packets that come with stereo equipment. Oh all those things. We need to get rid of stupid people not preserve them. We don't want them to breed.

Ok soooo you havent met smokey yet have you???

I really hate to say this, but you definitely deserved it.

Why do you hate to say it? I will glefully admit that I think this guy is a moron and the he deserves it.

Mister_Triangle 21

I voted for both; he deserves it for being reckless, but it sucks that the was betrayed by the fire he thought was his friend.

There's a reason paper is used as kindling or tinder.

OP is a chick. Just saying. There are a few that just assume some dumbass pyro must be a guy. My turnons: A sense of humor, a nice rack, a girl that enjoys fire as much as me, short walks on the beach followed by long $*%#s on the beach. Turnoffs: Idiots (including people that almost start their house on fire), and uglies.

amanda_say_whutt 9

69- I'm pretty sure nobody cares what your turnson and turnoffs are. Just saying.

tjv3 10

OP you are an idiot PLEASE never NEVER ever breed

Gleefully * - Wow, no one has pointed out my typo? Wow, just wow. Haha.

Only someone from Kentucky.. Hey people from Kentucky don't admit to stupid shit you deserve!????

maz255 10

69 this is isnt a dating site, stop telling everyone your turn ons 'cause no one cares.

AlaskaKid95 7

Damn, you took the words right out of my mouth.

Because Kentucky is clearly home of all pyromaniacs. What does kentucky have to do with anything?

Mister_Triangle 21

Yeah, I'm not sure what Kentucky ever did to bring about your wrath. Last time checked, they never raced burning horses

I live in Kentucky & I don't randomly light shit on fire..

amanda_say_whutt 9

Kentucky is actually a very nice place to live, despite the stereotypes of Kentucky being full of hillbillies.

thomas9753 0

I'm not surprised it's an American!

I'm not surprised you're trolling like an ignorant douchebag!

How on earth did you think that would be a good idea?

Thinking played no part in this whatsoever by the looks... Op is a deadset moron

boycrazy30007 12

I get being a pyro, but there is no excuse for being an idiot

Pyro Life Cycle 1. Learn to light matches or lighters 2. Almost kill yourself 3. Learn respect of fire 4. Move to Norfolk and join the locals in fire worship.

The possibility of being homeless due to her house burning down must also intrigue her.

Mister_Triangle 21

You day that like it's a bad thing; who else is going to spy-check around the sentries?

I wish there was an FML That no one Opts for Your Life Sucks.