By Anonymous - 04/05/2009 20:28 - United States

Today, I found a box of birthday candles sitting on the coffee table. Bored, I lit one, and after a minute I threw it away and sat back down on the couch. I started looking at the box and noticed that it said "Magic Re-Lighting Candles" at the exact moment that my trash can burst into flames. FML
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Win :D Those candles are awesome.

I don't understand why someone would invent a flammable object that can't be put out.


Win :D Those candles are awesome.

hunterluv1 20

140? what do you mean fake?

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haha I've had those candles for my bday. me and my 5 friends helped me blow all these candles so many times. it was fun n unexpected

I can imagine this happening

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lol noob

Probably should've made sure it was completely out before tossing it... ouch.

These candles go out, then re-ignite after a few seconds XD OP had no way of knowing (besides reading the box) ---> I just bought some of them :O

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I dont think you understand the concept of "re-lighting candles".

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nice one

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You deserved it, but the mental image I got made my day. Thanks!

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Lol!!! Wow. Be more careful next time.

i hope u put the fire out!

As apposed to what? Letting it burn his house down?

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who lights birthday candles when they are bored? it doesn't sound very entertaining. but considering your post, i guess it could be highly entertaining.