Close but no cigar

By Anonymous - 23/12/2015 23:26

Today, while lighting a cigar, I set my beard on fire. FML
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Kuibe 18

You see kids smoking hurts you in more than one way!


UhHuhHoney 20

#1 needs to stop being that obnoxious guy who feels he has a right to tell others how to live.

mds9986 24

He actually does have the right to say what he pleases. Anyway, it's not wrong to tell somebody to stop smoking when there is zero benefit to themselves and others and tons of negative consequences. You need to stop being the obnoxious self righteous person who feels the need to tell other people what they can or can't say.

#17, you literally did just what you said not to do.

mds9986 24
mds9986 24

I just answer when people respond to me.

The point is you're just as hypocritical as him ✌

mds9986 24

Sometimes you have to be to make a point. Does that invalidate what I said?

MikaykayUnicorn 36

This is FML. We are entitled to our opinions on the subject. I agree that OP should stop smoking for their health and the health of people around them. There are literally no benefits to smoking cigs. Only things that will deteriorate your health.

I would just like to point out that there is a benefit to smoking. It relieves stress, is actually great for social situation on a night out (at least in Ireland and it can taste nice depending what you smoke. If there was no benefit no one would smoke. I agree it does more damage than good however

mds9986 24

The only reason it relieves stress is because you are feeding the addiction you created. Your body is more prone to stress because of the craving of nicotine.

It relieves stress because you're feeding your addiction, it's not healthy at all

#53 I believe that's the way it ends up but not the way it starts. I remember when I first started smoking it made me feel light headed. The more you smoke the rarer this becomes but I still have the odd rush. Interesting enough it seems nicotine isn't the only thing as ecig doesn't fix my craving.

O_B_A_M_A 15

Because of all the other chemicals that are in cigs that cause imbalance in your body

UserError94 18

It was just a cigar. I don't smoke but I plan on having a cigar on my honeymoon as well as when I have my first boy.

That must have been awful, be careful best time OP. And pleasent holidays!

That's a hairy situation you got there

Much like OP's beard, your joke went up in flames.

I'm sure that was a spectacular sight, but a horrible experience. Sorry, OP!

Kuibe 18

You see kids smoking hurts you in more than one way!

I bet all these Santa beards here lately get ya goin, then?

that's the manliest way to get rid of a beard though. Lol.

The manliest way to get rid of a beard is : With a blowtorch while on a Harley in the toughest town you know while playing can I play with madness by iron maiden and then washing off the charred remnants with 40 year old single malt. That's the mans way.

JackDupp 11

#47 sounds legit. But where would one find a 40 year old single malt?

I live in the UK, we have loads just down the supermarket. Its like Canada we can drink at a younger age here than in the US so that normally means by the time we hit 22 we are bored of the beer and move on to other things with a bit more punch, that or we end up drinking wine wile eating cheese.

dafluckster 6

Ydi for being dumb enough to smoke.