By Anonymous - United States
Today, I'm spending time with my granny, with whom I'm supposed to live with for a few weeks. I've noticed that she repeats the last word of every sentence I say, and now I'm wondering how it's possible for me to now be so horrible that I want to punch a sweet 92-year-old lady in the head. FML
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  Mendara_fml  |  0

I have to admit my grandmother is a trial too. Also 92, but her memory of everything is warped more than average to "everything is about me"... And she complains I don't talk to her, but then when I do talk she tells me to shush.

  adrayy  |  4

Okay.. Do you understand the meaning of the word senile? Because last time I checked it's an attitude, not a disease. I think you completely missed the point of Eggnog's comment, which was supposed to be funny.

By  random_ribbons  |  15

Well, you know it's a horrible idea, so that counts for something. As long as you don't actually do it, it's probably fine. Just try to remember she's old, and probably can't help it. You may be there someday.

  Babyseal420  |  7

As I sit here and read this I realized how very murderous this comment seems. My intention was that OP would be arrested, but sure didn't come across that way :/

  maz255  |  10

I read your second comment with a Morgan Freeman voice in my head...that made me forgive you for what you said...
Life lesson: Morgan Freeman's voice has the power to end wars.