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Today, I got up early in the morning to get a snack, only to walk in on my "vegan" housemate eating a turkey sandwich. This bastard harasses me every other day about my meat-eating, but all he could do after he noticed me was drop the sandwich and claim he'd been sleepwalking. FML
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Nothing to see here folks! Nothing to see...

Never got how people are vegan... I mean you're getting rid of bacon!


Nothing to see here folks! Nothing to see...

punch him in the face and claim you were sleep walking (:

revan546 24

I don't even care if he's vegan or not; if you believe in something stick to your guns, don't be a hypocrite.

Never got how people are vegan... I mean you're getting rid of bacon!

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I prefer steak. A nice bloody steak ;)

I prefer asshole :) nice bloody asshole ;)

You either like bacon or you are wrong.

martin8337 35

I prefer sausages. no not that type you dirty minded people.

Bacon is every thing! but seriously no meat? or anything from animals? not my life style lol

oj101 33

Could it be one of those realistic substitute meats? Although I'm not in any way vegetarian, I often prefer vegetarian sausages and chicken slices as they have the same flavour and texture, and are far healthier.

But why would he drop it and say he was sleep walking then?

those vegan meet substitutes probably give you cancer. like most things now a days

Vegetarian MRE's (meal ready to eat) are so much better than the real meat ones lol

olpally 32

Can I go too? I gotta use the bath room

Yes, you CAN go to the bathroom. But may he go? The world may never know

kingdomgirl94 29

I hate that the old teacher nitpicking has become a joke online. Can has two forms: ability to do something and the permissive form. Therefore asking the question makes someone not only a picky douche, but also wrong.

What a meathead... Sleep slap the lie outta him then... Problem solved!

No one makes meat that looks and tastes like vegetables for a reason.

chocolatefrog28 29

Caught meat-handed, his bird is cooked!

Ugh... that was a horrible attempt at something funny.

And this is what happens when your mind dwells on meat for too long! Think now of vegetables and fruits. Ponder your mistake.

chocolatefrog28 29

This thread is so full of fail. At least according to the number of thumbs-down votes on like all the comments. haha

I thought it was funny, maybe I'm alone in this opinion though.

Jack Links is better for feeding your wild side than a turkey sandwich. Come on man!