By shiiiiit - United States
Today, I was having trouble blowing out the last of the several candles on my bedside table. Exasperated, I blew as hard as I could, which sent hot wax from the other candles shooting into the air, all over my face and into my eyes. FML
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By  natizakhi  |  0

ok this is just FULL OF FAKE!!!!!!!!!!!
how the fu*k can you blow a candle out and have the wax shot towards your face?! that would mean you were sucking the air in but even that is impossible! and if the wax went into your eyes youd be blind! so you are a fake attention seeker!


If she was directly above the candle when she blew it out, the liquid wax could have splashed up at her. The same principle causes water to splash back up when someone jumps into a pool.
But then, that's pretty stupid as well, sticking one's face right up against a candle to blow it out...and if there was that much liquefied wax floating in the candle, she burned it WAY too long.

So either way, she's a fuckin' moron.

  kaytwiztid  |  0

no it could deff b real because yes wax cools fast but u can burn it long enough to make a puddle of hot melted wax in the candle and if u blow from the top the wax splashes up and cools on the skin...I know I've watched it happen and had to help him get the wax off from around him eye

  Twinklestar  |  0

No, she was probably above the candles blowing down, and there's a bit of a rounded hollow where the wax is melting where the wick is, so the wax would go straight up in the air, and into her face.

By  Pipistrello_fml  |  0

That sucks. I hope there was no real damage. For the others, you CAN blow into hot wax, or other liquids, and have it fly back at you. Common physics. Take a shot glass and put water in it. Blow into it sharply from up close and your face will get wet. Just sayin.

  StaticDown  |  0

Maybe it was like this
and then it shot back at her when it hit the wax wall, but I really doubt it... Though it could be possible... but if it went into her eyes, wouldn't she be having some medical attention that would be really bad? :S