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Today, I burned my nose. How? I tried sniffing a lit candle. FML
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Who gets that close to a lit candle???

Tried? I do this all the time. You have to waft it, like a sir smelling a fine wine.

My former chemistry teacher ate a candle at the beginning of the year. Candles must make people stupid.

It was probably fake, my chemistry teacher did the same but told us it was fake afterward.

I guess you could say OP now 'nose' that it was a stupid thing to do

That experiment involves using a potato. You don't really eat a candle (unless you have something wrong with you).

I think OP confused "snuffing" with "sniffing". Either way, the decision definitely did not go through Brain Parliament. If there even is one.

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You don't seem too smart yourself 2; it's 'too', Not 'to'

would've been worse if you inhaled the wax.

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No no, 3, I'm sure OP would be perfectly find if he "inhaled the wax".

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Thats kinda like someone getting splashed when a car drives next to you through a puddle and then your friend saying "It could have been worse you could have been hit by the car." NO SHIT

It would be better if he/she didn't smell the candle.

You "waft" it toward your nose. Pretend you are chef Boyardee and you made a marvellous stew.

People come up with a specific way to smell candles? I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

It's safer. Jeez. Instead of putting yourself right above it you just push the the smoke toward you so you can smell it.

It isn't like they sit around thinking up ways to do things differently. People like OP are the reason these things must be done in a certain way.

I thought it would be common sense that you don't put any body part close to an open flame.

87- Common sense isn't all that common.

Its not like everyone uses common sense 100% of the time. Hey it happens to the best of us.

17 -- Wafting has been a technique used for a while to smell various obviously don't get out much if you are just now learning about it.

maybe (s)he shouldn't have sniffed it so close to the point where (s)he would burn him/her self. Op should have tried from a distance to be safe I think this is both an fyl and a ydi Fyl - op got hurt Ydi - op probably shouldnt of tried to sniff it so close to the flame

62- You make a valid point. When it comes to dangerous substances, science demands that we waft the fumes to our nose rather than directly sniff. So, if OP wanted to be scientific, he/she should've used their exposed hand to waft the flame to their nose. It's much safer, thanks to science!

62, I think it's just fyl, cuz at some point people are so stupid you cant blame them anymore, you just gotta pity them.

When people get to lazy to blow out candles before smelling them, i dont want to live on this planet anymore...

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OP did it smell good? Or could you only smell burnt skin?

Simple cover up solution: clown nose

Takes care of long nose hairs. Gone in a pffff

Am I the only one who pictures the sound of a fart when someone says "pfff"

Farts are a lot more boisterous than pfff where I come from. Farts with attitude...

15- farts a visible now? I must be blind, for I cannot see them...

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I doubt it, since it burned op's nostrils/nose trying to sniff it...Lol... Op, were you trying to get high off the candle?? If so, you're doing it wrong...

Maybe he/she likes the smell of burnt skin..?

olpally 32

I doubt that, if he/she wanted to smell the candle, op should have blown it out first... Lol, no one likes the smell of burnt skin... Nasty... The smell of a candle, when not lit, is beautiful :)

Well after what I just read, op doesn't sound like the smartest person alive.. ;) what stupidity makes us do, right? I agree, candles are some beautiful things, but you should blow it out before you sniff it, just for safety reasons..

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Clouded by the smell of burning flesh.