By Anonymous / Tuesday 26 June 2012 05:44 / United States
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  Ch0sen  |  13

I think OP confused "snuffing" with "sniffing". Either way, the decision definitely did not go through Brain Parliament. If there even is one.

  zingline89  |  18

Thats kinda like someone getting splashed when a car drives next to you through a puddle and then your friend saying "It could have been worse you could have been hit by the car." NO SHIT

  plaguer  |  26

It isn't like they sit around thinking up ways to do things differently. People like OP are the reason these things must be done in a certain way.

  katieeamberr  |  2

maybe (s)he shouldn't have sniffed it so close to the point where (s)he would burn him/her self. Op should have tried from a distance to be safe

I think this is both an fyl and a ydi

Fyl - op got hurt
Ydi - op probably shouldnt of tried to sniff it so close to the flame

  ZooMzy  |  9

62- You make a valid point. When it comes to dangerous substances, science demands that we waft the fumes to our nose rather than directly sniff.

So, if OP wanted to be scientific, he/she should've used their exposed hand to waft the flame to their nose. It's much safer, thanks to science!

  olpally  |  32

I doubt it, since it burned op's nostrils/nose trying to sniff it...Lol... Op, were you trying to get high off the candle?? If so, you're doing it wrong...

  olpally  |  32

I doubt that, if he/she wanted to smell the candle, op should have blown it out first... Lol, no one likes the smell of burnt skin... Nasty... The smell of a candle, when not lit, is beautiful :)

  motherlovahh  |  7

Well after what I just read, op doesn't sound like the smartest person alive.. ;) what stupidity makes us do, right? I agree, candles are some beautiful things, but you should blow it out before you sniff it, just for safety reasons..

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