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Today, I learned the hard way that you should never use medical tape to secure gauze over a razor cut on your scrotum. FML
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Andr913 13

What the **** is wrong with you?

Andr913 13

I got the first comment-I'd like to thank my health teacher for letting us use our cell phones during class!

Haha I just get out at 1:50 so ya know(:

flockz 19

what would be the "easy" way to learn that?

Well at least it's not as bloody as a period.

flockz 19

what would be the "easy" way to learn that? nothing really feels to great on your balls except a few certain things.

Flockz, i join your curiousity. But, to answer your question, "Google" is the only answer i came up with.

jaredofmo 22

flockz, the easy way is someone telling you.

Learnt your lesson eh? You should've used masking tape.

pookberry 4

Flockz - common sense, maybe? I'm female and even I knew that was a bad idea. Medical tape is strong.

That's like using duck tape to wax, seems like a good idea in the beginning than it's a mother in the end.

flockz 19
StopDropNRoll 11

Actually easy way is read fml. Laugh a little and acknowledge that you learned something new today :) Oh yea and make sure not to try it unless you like pain!

Georgieeporgiee 9

Don't even put plasters on it, it could rip out pubes! Ouchy my friend, ouchy!

crazychick1269 7

Well apparently he put medical tape on his dick and ripped it off...

He said scrotum not penis... Or what do you think a scrotum is???[hint: it holds "balls"]

Torva_fml 16

18- how would you know? Have you experienced both a period, and testicular bleeding? I think not...

flamerocker 9

First of all, how did he get the damn cut??

Torva_fml 16

105- they usually have one or the other, not both...

Im gunna take a wild guess and say it was a razor cut

n_epic_fail 14

This sounds like something the kid who was to dumb to study for his retake exam would do.

Icecream93 4

Wow the same thing happened to me today... Just put some alcohol on it, some tissue paper and throw on some tighty whitheys

tjv3 10

well you should always take care to not cut yourself while shaving the sack. you should skimp on the razor or the shaving cream for the hair down there. I use a 5 blade razor and good gel

Boygenius50 8

106-Ask your mommy and daddy, they'll give you a "talk"

ImFrackinBored 13

138- How many people are cutting their balls today?... O_O

poppylamonzo 0

106- he shaving off his pubeys, and he cut his SCROTUM with a razor..

zendaddy0 0

What were you out of band aids??

He said from a razor cut. Pretty sure that it should be pretty oblivious he got it shaving his crotch.

Actually it is quite relaxing between the ripping of the pubes and the tearing of the genital flesh. Very fun. You should try it.

Men are ******* when it comes to our genitalia. It tends to be a tad more sensitive than the female's.

Georgieeporgiee 9

Is anybody else curious how OP cut his scrotum...?

Given the fact that it says the cut was due to a RAZOR, I would assume that he was shaving his sack. Reading: it's our friend

imcutefml 0

Its called shaving... Thats how edit: crap 90 beat me to it

81- actually, we have twice as many nerves down there than guys do. yes, it hurts like he11 for guys because its all hanging out, but people who think that means it doesn't hurt

I apologize for my last comment, advisement hit send before I was done. the rest was "but people who think it doesn't hurt for girls are just dumb"

Boygenius50 8

Pubes have already been removed by the razor, resulting in the cut ball sack!

flockz 19

unless he did a piss poor job, and stopped when he mutilated his ballsack. either way though, his nuts are probably very pissed at him right now.

I'd be pissed if someone cut me and then tried to tape me back together.

Irony indeed, although I can't help but point out that you typed would instead of wound.

Mm I kiiiinda feel like you either have a very low pain tolerance oooor you just REALLY wanted to find an opportunity to write an fml?

FYLDeep 25

Or maybe he's just not into CBT.

I admit, I'm not the hippest of hippster's but, CBT?

pookberry 4

I was wondering the exact same thing... So I went to and cbt stands for "**** and ball torture"

FYLDeep 25

It is my duty to learn disturbing acronyms so I can make people accidentally google things that are not safe for work.

FYLDeep 25

Yeah, but if you don't know that one by now, then you're probably not the type of person who would bother googling an unknown acronym.

After explaining the damn acronym dont u think itd be easier to just type it out, this generation is way to lazy "tbh"

2ndSucks 15

102- I'm pretty sure he just explained why he used the acronym. And the rest of his post is spelled out correctly so I wouldn't really call it lazy.

102- says the guy who sacrifices two letters so he can spell you as "u".

#123 umadbro? Sometimes its easier to spell "u" over "you" on my iPhone.. Just sayin.

102 when you're on this app and someone asks what you're looking at, do you say fml or **** my life?

155- Tell me how this relates to the subject at hand? Actually new acronym; SAT "subject at hand" put that in the urban dictionary of yours.

2ndSucks 15

It was completely relevant, sweetheart. 155 was referring to the fact that you most likely say FML instead of **** my life, and therefore go against your own standards of "laziness."

Taybabe2525 0

Fml is actually the name of this app, sweetheart

Wow, I completely missread that. FML Im over tired I need sleep. Goodnight everyone from FML. I hope this answered your question 123.

# 9, you comment as if you already know not to do what OP did in such a situation. Have you done this before?......Cut a tendon/nerve?.....Now your flooper is all floopy?...........Spastic?

sounds like you should never use razors either...

saIty 17

How dangerous would OP be by running with scissors?

Thankyou for the most insightful and well thought out comment of this FML, I'm sure you labored for hours just to get the wording perfect...