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Today, I learned that I'm the only person in my family that our new cat likes. She sleeps on my bed and always sits in my lap and despises everyone else. I'm allergic to cats. FML
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The cat is planning your death.

close the door to you room and keep the cat out! That's what I have to do too :) or take meds


close the door to you room and keep the cat out! That's what I have to do too :) or take meds

But... Why would you guys get a cat if you're allergic...?

Rcmpbell 6

Because pets are nice to have. My older sister and my mother are both allergic to cats but they are still nice to own

You guys don't get the diabolical plan at hand here. The cat doesn't like OP, the cat HATES OP the most, which is why the cat sits on her. Because the cat knows she's allergic!

What meds are there to take if you're allergic to something? If it's Benadryl, the more often you take it, the less effective it gets...

I've been taking Benadryl my whole life. It's still working for me. And that's why I added for OP to keep their room door closed because if they need to, they'll have a cat-free room to stay in.

The cat is planning your death.

\ 28

Was it wheezing? If so then RUN

You got downvoted because they weren't here for the FML you were referring to.

#58, people downvote anything they don't understand. I only downvote if someone says something stupid/ignorant etc

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Thank you for your addition.

They have a sense for these things. It's reveling in your displeasure as we speak.

Fuuucckk this guy⬆⬆⬆

Well, cats love getting their ass kissed and making you beg for their acceptance. My guess is OP, being allergic to them, ignored it, and the cat can't have that happening. It's just a hunch that I have because my friend had two cats and they wall away from me if I pet them a few times, but they won't leave me alone if I ignore them. Bastards. They also act very cuddly when they're hungry while you're eating, then ignore once fed.

Maybe the cat realises you're allergic to her, and doesn't really like you at all. she just wants to make you ill.

#5 I was thinking the same thing. Lols I highly doubt it but it would be funny/evil if it was true.

Yeah, that's probably it...

JMichael 25

That's most likely what the cat is doing. Cats are evil. It won't be long now before humans are the lower life forms and cats take over the world.

The cat likes you,cuz you try to avoid her. with beeing not interested in her, you signal her not to be afraid of you...your family should try to "ignor" her and she'll be more interested in them => less cat-time for you...

Beeing? OP has to act like a bee?

Lol, smartass.

I'm going to ignor you.

Despite the difficulty it takes to read #6's comment, that's how cats tend to be. The body language humans show when they don't want a cats attention (not looking at it, avoiding it, etc.) are seen as non-threatening signals in cat language. The opposite is true as well and when people try to act friendly towards cats (looking them in the eyes, smiling, going towards/touching them, etc.) can be seen as very threatening. The cat probably sees that OP is trying to avoid it and thinks it's an invitation to be pals.

Haha love your sarcastic comments!

sorry smartass english is not my first or second language...

Even when cats are trying to be nice they ruin things, sorry OP

xXanna_ 18

Why would your family even get a cat? That's got to be torture.

askullnamedbilly 33

Exactly. I find it hard to believe that OP got to an age where she can operate a computer, but has never before in her life seen (or smelled) a cat. Someone in OP's family was pretty damn inconsiderate to get a pet that another family member is allergic to.

It is possible that OP was not allergic to the cat when it was acquired and developed the allergy over time. And since we love our pets so much it is unthinkable to give the cat away just because it can make one of our human family members terminally ill.

toomanyidiots 14

Terminal...? It's not end-stage cancer. An allergy, though unpleasant, won't inevitably cause death. Anaphylaxis can be fatal, but it is a severe allergic reaction and it is not considered a terminal illness. It is not guaranteed to occur. OP probably won't go into anaphylactic shock over the family cat if she hasn't already.

Because I was totally serious and was not exaggerating at all. By the way, that was sarcasm, in case you didn't realize.

toomanyidiots 14

Then why would you open a sarcastic statement with a fact? Maybe you were being sarcastic about allergy changes too? People actually can develop or outgrow allergies over time. It sounded like ignorance, not sarcasm. On the internet, you never know.

This proves cats are pure evil!

Cats are very evil. Everybody knows that.