By TheCrossingChick - 30/11/2011 05:23 - United States

Today, my boss showed us a small picture of his family on his phone. Jokingly, I commented on how the orange shirt he was wearing reminded me of a big pumpkin. He wasn't wearing an orange shirt. His wife was. FML
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bbedlock_fml 7

Try telling him you're colourblind!

HoboSmeller 6

if OP said they were colorblind, how could they tell if their bosses wife was wearing an orange shirt in the first place?

Be honest, tell him his wife looks like a man in a pumpkin suit. Or throw a teaspoon of vinegar in his eye and kidnap a plastic tub and eat some grapes. Everything will be alright.

bugmenotmofo 34

Don't expect any promotions in the future.

Should have said that you couldn't tell cause the picture was to small

NoobHat 6

Im guessing there both big where you couldn't tell whos who?

Ydi for having to be the guy who made a funny comment when you saw the picture... Grow up...