By opposableouch - 27/10/2009 18:46 - United Kingdom

Today, I sliced a deep gash into my thumb while carving up bagels. After putting a plaster on, I returned to my room to relax, where I lit a candle. The flame from my new lighter shot up, and set fire to the plaster on my thumb. Now I have a cut AND several burns. FML
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We didn't copy your language. You guys brought it with you when you colonized this country. Plaster as we know it is a chemical compound meant to seal holes in walls and such so it can be painted over. I would hope you guys don't put shit like that on your cuts. It can't be good putting whatever the hell is in that stuff in your blood stream.

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Because it's a top brand name for covering wounds. That's why.


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Also why people have TWO thumbs. I think.

so u make bagels and live in thestone age. fascinating. ¿how is this an fml?

...I also have gashes and burns on my thumbs too due to my job. ...Fml? No.

Carving bagels? Plasters? CANDLES? What the **** is going on!?

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Wow lol. That really just sucks.

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This would not be a good day to take up juggling chainsaws and bottles of acid.

Would any day be a good day to take up juggling chainsaws and bottles of acid?

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A day that you are showing a bit of dexterity and want to get on "America's Got Talent." How come that show is judged by two Brits and a guy who is a has-been here but an idol in Germany?

Cos the original is Britain's got talent :P

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That is true. We do steal a lot of game shows from you guys. But we invented Jeopardy, which is the best, so God bless America!

Did you at least cauterize the wound? Or did absolutely no good come of this?

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It's just not your day huh OP. tell you what go back to bed and sleep it off you'll be fine when ya wake up.

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Given the luck we've heard about, she'd probably die in her sleep.

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Ouch, I know how that feels. Don't worry, it'll heal.

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wah wah! just bad luck, not really fyl, but whatever.. just be more careful..