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Today, I decided to go meet up with a guy that I met online for the first time. All he could talk about was how he expects me to "clean, cook, and submit" my body for sex at least twice a day when we get married. FML
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the_enigma1019 1

Please, don't believe all guys are like this, we hate people like this equally as much.

Leadamp 7

Just don't see him again. You'll find somebody


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My most recent girlfriend, I met online and she's one of the most lovely people I've ever met and is the only one of my ex's I still keep in regular contact with. Not all people you meet online are idiots or jerks. Still, the guy this FML is about seems like someone who takes sammich jokes far, far too seriously and is hopefully having plenty of difficulty figuring out why he can't get a girlfriend.

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I met my boyfriend online, on an MMORPG. Slightly different because it ended up that we went to the same school and didn't know, but we still met online then met up in person. I have plenty of friends I met online and then met in person. Sometimes it helps to be a good judge of character as you will be able to see through fakery and tell if they are what they say they are like in person.

My fiance and I met each other online. He is funny, sweet, caring, and respectful. Not all the people you meet online are terrible. But caution shiuld be used. Before we EVER even THOUGHT about meeting in person, we would talk on the phone extensively, exchanged photos, wrote letters, and video chatted. Online relationships can be great if done safely.

I know people who met online and are now happily married. The internet dating scene is not just full of perverts. There are a lot of people in it who truly wanna meet someone to be happy with. The key is to be extremely careful as where you meet for the first few times because you can never be too sure of whom the person is on the other side of the screen. As for you OP, I hope your date has still his 2 hands because it looks like they will be the only ones cleaning, cooking and giving him sex for the rest of his life. Looks like he read too much of 50 shades of grey ;-)

if you meet someone online, chances are you found each other by listing personal interests and therefore have a lot in common. Both people are also obviously looking for a relationship at the time, too, so I would think the chances of an online relationship working out (if they can meet irl) is higher than a conventional relationship.

So #1, because I met you online I can just assume you're going to be an asshole too?

thrAsHeRr9081 16

I met my husband on Xbox Live and have made some great friends through there as well. You just have to weed through the douches.

A lot of online relationships are very successful, actually.

Met my Fiancé online :) (No, not a dating site). 6 years ago. And we are still happier then ever.

I met my (now) husband online. Not everyone are assholes just because you meet them online. I have more in common with him than I've ever had with ANYONE I have ever met IRL.

Completely predictable and completely ignorant statement. People meet online and actually have healthy, lasting relationships all the time nowadays. Yeah some fail, but if anything less of those fail than ones started face to face. I met my fiancee online and the first two years of the relationship were mostly long distance. As of 6 days ago we celebrated our 5-year anniversary and are still absolutely crazy about each other (and we've been living together for over 2 years). Yeah if you're dumb about how you handle a relationship started online these things can happen, but that's typically just as much your fault. If you spent a decent amount of time talking to them and getting to know each other before meeting in person you would start to notice if the person was hiding stuff. There are plenty of tells.

the_enigma1019 1

Please, don't believe all guys are like this, we hate people like this equally as much.

Not all of us are this abnormally idiotic.

You know, maybe he said that stuff because OP lied about what she was like so he wanted it to be over. Just a wild thought though.

He's not even asking that much. It's a fair trade all around

Oh, come on! It isn't fair if she has to cook her body! Are you sure you didn't meet Hannibal Lecter online, OP? I know he's a doctor and all but don't let that sway your judgement. :P

pheebs314 17

77- Haha! That's what I was thinking!

threer 30

That's a 'traditional' gender role and women generally find people expecting us to act within the standards they set for us to be rude and unacceptable. Go **** yourself because in this day and age, we're all equal.

Leadamp 7

Just don't see him again. You'll find somebody

Not an FML. He said it on his first date, so you won't waste time on him but will still have a ridiculous story to tell!

now.. I know this gets said alot.. but he seems like a real keeper. maybe you should try n get to know people before you go out with them on q date first

I don't know about you, but I would never belittle myself by associating with a person like that.

If you know it gets said a lot, why say it?

The purpose of a first date IS to get to know someone better. I doubt that OP would have agreed to go out with this guy if he had shown her this side of himself during their online correspondence.

"He seems like a keeper"? He's a f*cking human trafficker!

RedPillSucks 31

But his second point is valid. This is something OP should have had a sense of before going on a date.

55- she probably thought she knew him well enough to go on one date. She probably never even saw that side of him because he didn't bother showing it until be himself thought the relationship was getting more serious.

KVKdragon 26

People like this really tick me off. We're not bound by stereotypes and we don't need to enforce them either, whatever gender you are and whoever you're talking to >:(

Well, don't marry him. Pass him up, and find another potential husband. But you know, from experience, most people that I meet in real life from online, are totally different than what they portray themselves to be.

If you happened to find by chance my Gaia account, you might read that I am actually 10 years older than what I really am, I love reading Twilight, I own nearly every album that Justin Bieber released, and I think that all these "old bands" copied Glee.

Well, I'm sure he deserves such obsequiousness. After all, he'll be out all day clubbing saber tooth tigers over the head for dinner.

Yeah and that's hard work. I can see why this guy needs to date online. With that way of thinking he will never get past the first date.

I think that was his way of scaring you off.

crammer1 6

I agree...most people can't just say, "I'm not really into you." If he is serious, then he's crazy.

Assuming you were on a date, tell him you expect him to die alone in a nursing home wondering why he was such a douche, and you expect him to pay the bill. Then get up and walk out.