By CreepedOut - United States
Today, I decided to try something new and sign up for an online dating service, since I can't meet a decent guy in person. The first guy I talked to told me he used to be in a mental hospital for obsessing over a girl, then told me he would be dreaming of me that night. FML
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  TibbysMusic  |  1

For everyone who didn't get the pun:

EHarmony costs tons of money, but they don't tell you tht until after you finish the hours long survey.
So he put EHarMONEY instead EHarmony.

Jebbus people.

  underaegis  |  0

yeah but if it's a girl that's really attached it end up as... guy: we need to talk girl: sure honey guy: your to clingly don't come over to my house more than once a week unless it's for sex. girl: fine then... you'll just have to come to mine