By CreepedOut - 29/08/2010 19:45 - United States

Today, I decided to try something new and sign up for an online dating service, since I can't meet a decent guy in person. The first guy I talked to told me he used to be in a mental hospital for obsessing over a girl, then told me he would be dreaming of me that night. FML
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Don't use eHarmoney. The guy was probably joking about his condition and you took it the wrong way. Don't be so harsh.

i don't get the pun.


Don't use eHarmoney. The guy was probably joking about his condition and you took it the wrong way. Don't be so harsh.

Bunnyhunny felt really good for a second.

i don't get the pun.

hahahahaha that made me laugh xD he sounds like a keeeepeerr!

Lol, I know. I wasn't meaning it in a bad way. People feel good when they can correct a Grammar Nazi! I know I do. :)

lmfaooooooo that's scary and slightly disturbing that's one of my biggest fears..

creeepperrss, who says that when first talkin to someone?

Well when you do it intentionally, it's not as fun. Ah what the hell. *What

28 lmao! It's been almost ten minutes and no one has jumped down your throat yet? Is the world coming to an end? (:

This is the most confusing set of comments today. As for the OP, eh, just don't log back on to whatever site you used.

like the new pic Remy!

haha that's punny

Maybe the guy was pretending to be Edward Cullen.

#24 that's necromancy!!

hide yo kids hide yo wife and hide your husband cause they rapin erbody out here

#52...that dude was soo funny....he made me laugh so hard

give him a chance :'(

omg 52! that guys hilaaaaariouuus!

I don't get the pun, 7 can you explain?

LOL worked perfectly.

For everyone who didn't get the pun: EHarmony costs tons of money, but they don't tell you tht until after you finish the hours long survey. So he put EHarMONEY instead EHarmony. Jebbus people.

Ohhh I get it now...

i hate when guys act so attached, that would freak me out, i feel for ya.

yeah but if it's a girl that's really attached it end up as... guy: we need to talk girl: sure honey guy: your to clingly don't come over to my house more than once a week unless it's for sex. girl: fine then... you'll just have to come to mine

wow ur really hot. are u single?

That just means you're hot :D! Unless he has a weird fetish.

he probably has a bondage fettish. He ties girls to his bed.. and never let's them go :0

lol, sounds like that new rihanna/eminem song

rihanna is a perv lol

Rihanna is kind of hot. :P

Jessi is sexy

Her brother calls her sexy. True story. Ask her. Yes. :)

lol...thanks Jake..

I would not want my brother calling me sexy. Very strange.

it's because a special Ed kid used to call me that so my brother uses it as a joke to make fun of me

Are you sure it's a joke? I'm pretty sure I smell incest in this relationship.

I'm sure lol. my brother only calls me that on ocasion it's more my friends than anything haha.

Phew, that's a relief. I've seen enough incest today already, and it's 1:00a.m.

you're welcome Jessi

time to go on a date on elm street

It was me. I WILL be dreaming of you tonight. 0_0

Buy a tazer. They really work.

Yeah... YDI for not expecting shit like this on a dating website.

LMFAO... sounds like my kinda guy LMFAO