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#46- If I'm not mistaken, that's the second time I've seen one of your comments talking about blue and brown and not having anything to do with the FML. What are you talking about?

  shjenn  |  7

I like this comment.... Because there is LOTS they could be doing. I'm a swing manager there and the jobs never stop for my crew even on the slowest nights.


One of my friends who works there does different movie character voices. It's really damn creepy when Gollum's voice comes out of the speaker saying, "Would you like to try an apple pie, my precious?"


#5. In response to your question, I will submit to you as fact: Those were in fact not the commonly occurring tornadoes you would find so naturally in nature. But rather the end result when Chuck Norris gained Intel that Ronnie 'The Don' McDonald was hiding out in one of his slop houses. Nobody stiffs Chuck Norris in a poker game. Ever

By  oj101  |  33

That what happens when you have two McDonalds at the end of every street - the market is so saturated, McDonalds only McCompetes with themselves. I guess you're not lovin' it.

  newbiehere99  |  6

Future FML:

Today, I had the the most disgusting day with my job at McDonald's. Some mom let her kid have diarrhea inside the playpen. It went from the top of the slide down and into the balls. My boss suggested I should do it, because I always looked bored at work. It was a huge mess. FML.