By but I tried anal and everything - 22/11/2012 16:13 - United States - Des Moines

Today, in break from tradition, I proposed to my boyfriend. We were at a Japanese Pagoda. Water was trickling everywhere; the moment was perfect. While I was on my knee, after pouring my heart out, he looked wistfully out over the water and said, "So, I was thinking pizza tonight." FML
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Yeah was thinking the same :) Looks like anal was not the answer ;)

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My wife wanted to try it when we were first dating. Not my bag, I must admit. I mean I'm not the biggest guy around, but I'm far from small. What's the tightest thing you know? A butthole.

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I'm just gonna toss out there that anal definitely shouldn't make or break your relationship... I hope it had nothing to do with his response.

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homesexuals have different glands in their anus so anal is more pleasurable for them than wOman.

Anal dosen't even sound pleasurable it just seems weird and painful,but maybe its just me...

182 - I hope you mean all men as opposed to just homosexuals, right?

mashimarox 12

OH sorry that was my bad - wasnt thinking - my apologies

Mashimarox- No they don't dumbass. Learn ******* anatomy.

The gland he's referring to is the prostate. Men have it, women don't. And prostrate stimulation is supposed to be very pleasurable.

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******* god-damn right it feels good. Anal all the way, man.

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201- Who's the dumbass again? Lmfao.

218 still speaks shit, she says homosexuals have the gland; but all men do...

I don't always comment but when i do i get ~800 likes

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225- I meant to say all men, you would know if you actually read the comments.

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That was one of the most unintelligent things I have ever read. I think that everyone has gotten more stupid having read it. May god have mercy on your soul.

Your life sucks, but you also deserve it. You're and Idiot Out Wandering Around after all ;)

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Because different people have different desires. I know several gay men who do not like anal and I know several straight women who LOVE anal. To each their own and as long as it is with consenting adults who cares who sticks what in where?

I am a woman and I love anal sex. I find it more pleasurable than vaginal but it's not my boyfriends cup of tea unfortunately.

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Some people are stupid and don't believe/think women should propose to men. It's rather shallow-minded.

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I think the op's boyfriend would feel cheated out of the proposal. It IS generally the guys place to propose and it's something that most guys feel special about doing.

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That's a pretty old-fashioned, sexist response.

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Good god, people are thumbing my comment down? Humanity disappoints me.

54, your right, I know if my girlfriend proposed to me I would probably say the same thing. Mainly because I love pizza and because it wouldn't feel right to me. I always looked at it as, even the women can do as much as men, some things should be left for men to do and things for women to do. But that's just personal preference and for the record, I'm not one of those sexist pieces of ***** who tell their women get in the kitchen.

*53. Sorry, I'm on the app and I have poor memory. It also doesn't let me edit :(

84- You're hot but your stupidity disappoints me. Lol.

Proposal is the guys role, always will be. End of story, get used to it.

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The problem here isn't that the girl proposed … the real problem is that they didn't even agree on the idea of marrying. Plus, imagine the reverse FML, I'm sure the girl would've been several times criticised on refusing ‘such a cute proposal’. So yeah #84 is right, this response is sexist. The girl can propose if she ******* wants to. But the one proposing should always be sure that they're not going to embarrass their partner because they're not ready for it. There's no way she deserved it for proposing ‘instead of the guy’ or something.

Will she buy me a super awesome engagement ring from tiffany's?! Because I would if I was going to ask for a woman's hand in marriage. I'm keeping the dog if we divorce.

I see nothing wrong with a woman proposing. HOWEVER, as a girl, I never would personally. Mainly because i think as men assume that they are supposed to propose, they probably won't do so until THEY are ready. Therefore, if he doesn't propose, chances are he's not ready to say yes.

I can understand that any post ever is going to get at least 100 acidental "my finger hit the wrong button" YDIs but i dont think she deserved it in the slightest so it shouldnt have got as many as it did

Do girls want to propose? They haven't been cheated if they don't want it. The way I understand it, girls want to see their guy be humble and give them the power over something as important as marriage. Plus, it's more romantic to be asked than to ask. So it's not really being cheated.

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I just asked my bf Wut he would do if I proposed and he said he would look at me weird and say no.. So it's not really that weird of a response of OPs bf

#189 - Yes, some girls do want to propose. Hence the FML. And people (boys and girls alike) are taught that guys SHOULD propose, so of course girls can't really hope to. It's not that they wouldn't want to if they could, it's that they aren't used to thinking about it that way. If that makes sense. I mean, the reason men usually propose has to do more with the old patriarchal form of marriage that treated women as property and marriage as business than with women's desire to propose... So even though I know I'm going to be thumbed down for this, I think it's stupid to say that the guy has been "cheated out of" something. Women almost never get to propose, so it seems to me that they're the more "cheated" ones... And if they want to get married, it should be about loving the other person, no?! Not about who proposed to whom... Excuse me if I ramble, as it is late and I am full of turkey.

84, say what you want, but it is very un-manning to be proposed to by your lady in public. I want you to imagine what the male onlookers would think of the guy. A man you'd marry would probably give you anything in the world. Don't take from him the chance to surprise you and a chance to see he truly makes you happy

200 - or maybe it's because he doesn't want to get married to you?

It's not wrong it's just odd since its guys usually doing it

I'd drop her on the spot. Maybe there are some men who would like it but not me: I need to know that I decide, not the other way around. Well, 8 years of marriage cured me of illusions, I am so looking forward to divorce!

Well, idk about this... She could be the oag, or he could just not be ready, or he's not looking for marriage. This FML is a toss-up, ladies and gentleman

He could have at least been polite about it.

He was, what's more polite than offering pizza? I would forgive anyone for pizza :p especially the ones with jalapeno in them..

If a man posted this and this happened we would probably be saying definitely FML...

Steaks or burgers are yummier than pizza.

You might have tried anal, but did you try a homemade pizza? The way to a man's heart is through his stomach, ya know.

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Those who believe the way to a mans heart is through his stomach really needs to take anatomy.

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It's a figure of speech you **** head. No need to get literal.

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Actually it's through the sternum go through the stomach and thing are just gonna get messy.

23 and 55. Please have a sense of humour. That will make the site more fun

Actually it's through is stomach and penis

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Laughed hard at #23 that was hilarious thumbs up for you sir

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I think that was the sense of humor

tsent8 15

135 that was my sense of humor well I guess in gonna go sit in the corner now

135- you are the one in need of a sense of humor. It was quite obvious 23 and 55 were making literal jokes to be funny and if it went over your head, you take everything waaaay to seriously.

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You're all wrong! I'm just going to end this argument once and for all. The fastest way to a man's heart is with Chuck Norris's fist! Duh.

Yeah you better be sorry, or else I would have murdered you and OP, but thanks to that comment I shall retain my urges.

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I cant tell if that was a pun or was actually serious

6's comment was good, but yours was a tasty topping.

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Suddenly... I have a craving for pizza.

Try again. Put the ring in the pizza. Thats another romantic way to propose.

Make sure the ring isn't in the cheesy crust :D... Its too good to ignore.

Ouch, that sucks OP. Kudos on trying to be outside the box though!

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Eum I'm sorry? Why shouldn't women propose?

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I'm not saying they can't, I'm trying to say it looks better if the guy does.

26 - It's pretty simple really. 8 doesn't agree with the idea of the human race progressing.

I agree with 8 - not that a woman shouldn't propose, but if you're in a committed relationship, a woman shouldn't HAVE to propose, if he's mature enough to decide he want s to get married, then he will propose

This is a pointless argument it doesn't matter who proposes, what it looks like shouldn't matter except for the two concerned, and the human race can progress without both people proposing.

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31- Just stop. It really doesn't matter who proposes as long as both people are on the same page with it - which, judging by this FML, I don't think OP and her boyfriend are.

I'm not saying you're right, I'm saying either can and should propose and they shouldn't care what others think, and so arguing who should is pointless here. And I'm also saying that the human race can progress without both sides feeling obligated to propose and that a man categorically proposing has no real incident, so is not stopping human progression, but is however valued for equality. But it's not like women haven't already proposed, so this argument is going nowhere.

It could be that the man is embarrassed that his girlfriend had to propose to him. He could have been thinking of when his friends asked how he proposed to her, he would have to say he wasn't man enough. Not saying I agree with that, just what could have been going through his mind.

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Or he didn't feel the urge to get married. After all, he's getting anal without having to put a ring on it.

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Yes and I agree Pleonasm. I'm not saying that only men should propose, either or can I don't care. Just to me in my own opinion men are more obligated to proposing. Mostly because of outcomes like this.

I used to believe that the man always had to propose. But if you're in a committed relationship and he isn't proposing, then there is no harm in the women proposing. It's about time things are done different, good for her but i'm sorry about the outcome.

I'm glad I live in the south and don't have to worry about being labeled a chauvinist if I propose.

I hate traditional gender roles. As a straight man, I would be over the moon if my girlfriend proposed to me. In fact, I'd prefer that over proposing myself.

#170 - It's not about what you choose to do, it's about what you tell others to do. Men who propose aren't sexist, but people who say that women SHOULDN'T (or that men shouldn't, for that matter) ARE.

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Was it a sudden thing? If you guys had been talking about this for a while, his reaction may have not come as a surprise, still, no one deserves to be in this situation, fyl op.