By sigh - 07/11/2015 05:39 - Australia - Rockdale

Today, my husband is sulking because he "can't" have sex with me. I've tried initiating things multiple times, but he keeps saying no, because I'm pregnant and he says it'd be exactly the same as having sex with his own kid. FML
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Your husband is a moron...

Show him a high school biology book so he gets educated. Win-win.


Your husband is a moron...

csjc 16

I couldn't agree more.

He just doesn't want give their child dimples!

Yeah, have that kid come out looking like a golfball. Hey, at least you would already have a great name.... Titleist

To be fair, you can't blame a guy for not wanting to bang a pregnant woman. I'll go ahead and give him the benefit of the doubt that he wasn't 100% serious when he made that metaphor

It's possible he thought it was a issue of morals.

Show him a high school biology book so he gets educated. Win-win.

#12 it seems a bit late for that

On the bright side, he's careful!

That's not really being careful. More like being disgusted for a very dumb reason.

On the bride side, he is too careful

Not careful enough, she's pregnant!

How do you know it wasn't planned? Some people actually want their kids. Novel thing isn't it?

I hope your child doesn't turn out as dumb as he is

I wouldn't call him dumb, just ignorant.

.....and that's why the our sex education system needs to be better

Someone didn't pay attention in high school..

I don't remember that lesson in high school.

I'd tell him it's your vagina and the baby is up higher. if he keeps refusing then tell him the truth...he's not big enough to even come close to the baby. lol

Up higher, in the uterus.

danceinconverse 25

Bahaha perfect!!!

I hope the baby inherits your brains!

My son must have gotten his brains from his his mother because I still have mine.

I don't understand why #91 is in negatives, it's really a good joke

Well I wouldn't really want to have sex with someone who's pregnant either. To me it just seems weird.

Women don't really start to show until they're 4 or 5 months along, they don't get the bigger belly that people think of with pregnancy until they are further along. And if I remember correctly As long as she isn't in her third trimester (when sex could trigger premature labor) it would be safe. His reason is altogether stupid though. I believe there was an episode on George Lopez about this situation.

I could see feeling weird about it of it were a random hookup with a pregnant woman. But if it's your spouse/partner who is carrying your child what's so weird? The baby is not in the vagina, your penis gets nowhere near it.

you can actually have sex though out the entire pregnancy. they actually encourage sex when you are close to 40 weeks, because it can help the cervix thin out so you'll go into labor.

A lot of men are really attracted to pregnant women. It's awfully weird.

Women can be extremely horny during pregnancy. What makes it weird? Its not like you can feel anything with your dick. Even if you were big you couldnt feel anything.

Pregnancy sex is awesome. You guys are missing out.

this guy knows ^