By Awks - 30/11/2012 06:30 - Australia - Bendigo

Today, my grandmother and I turned up to a family function wearing the same outfit. FML
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Bitch stole my look.

She have fashion or you dress like an old lady.


Your grand mother is stylish?

Some grandmothers are xD My grandma loves fashion and stuff so she always looks stylish. :p

My granny is super stylish! Never wears the same thing twice.

19, I'm honestly not sure if that's a saying... But doesn't wear the same thing twice =/= fashionable. Phrase correct me if I'm wrong.

Lets hope OP wasn't wearing a club dress haha

Bitch stole my look.

Grandma is the fashole of the week!

2 - your comment made my morning.

Apply quickfix! Scissors and glue!

"Bitch stole my look," exclaimed the grandma.

She have fashion or you dress like an old lady.

I'll guess OP dresses like an old lady.

...or op could dress like a fationable old lady

One time i went to a family party and a very old lady was wearing the same shoes as me. As i was 14 at the time, I was mortified. However the next time I saw her, I noticed that she was indeed very stylish. Dont worry OP, its not as bad as it seems.

Either you both got style or you both dress like an old lady. I think you both got style xD Edit: omg ^ you beat me to it xD :(

Did they have a sale at Walmart ?

It's in Victoria, Australia. They don't have Walmart over there believe it or not.

Black Friday sales.

They don't have black friday either.

Lucky them.

If it makes you feel better OP, my grandmother is often in the same outfit as me which isn't that bad except according to her..the Miley Cyrus leggings are "in"....

With leggings, you get the best of both worlds.

As long as she doesn't wear leggings as pants

14, thank you! I thought I was the only person who hated that!

Where is the FML? Where? If you are a guy, I can see it, but no.

Hipster granny, wearing OPs outfit before it was cool

I'm hoping you wore it better