By Sweeney - United States
Today, I decided to finally use the gym membership I got a few weeks ago. After I returned to the locker room, the locker I used was opened with all my stuff, including my iTouch, cell phone, and my wallet with cash stolen. It turns out I left the sticker that tells you your combo on my new lock. FML
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By  drunkenatheist  |  0

Good job, jackass.

Why on Earth would you leave all of that stuff in a locker? Virtually any place you go has "lost/stolen property is not our problem" policies, so why take the chance with several hundred dollars worth of belongings?

By  RJB  |  0

i don know...

what the fuck was ur itouch doing there and cash doing it in if your going to workout? what the point of bringing a ipod if your not gonna use it? When youi go to the mall do you bring your toothbrush? if your not gonna use it then why bring it? Car Keys? You must have had those with you what made you keep them with you..then again your porbaly the type that leaves the keys in the cup holder.

#7 its an itouch two different things. iphone = phone itouch = ipod OP clearly state itouch and phone are different things.

By  _HollieWould  |  0

okay harsh people calm down
that kinda sucks, bet yu wish yu wouldn't have forgotten to take off that sticker!
weird how someone went behind to look tho???
haha don't bring yur valuable shit to the gym next time!