By mmoments - United States
Today, I took a picture of the combination to my new lock so I would always have it on my phone if I ever forgot it. I put my phone in my gym locker, locked it with the new lock, then promptly forgot the combination. FML
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  MrPotatoFace  |  9

#40 my photos are automatically backed up on Google Photos and I can access them on my phone, tablet and both my PCs. it's awesome, bit if I forget to delete a certain photo (if you know what i mean) from my other devices, my family can see it...

By  MrSassypants  |  32

That's why you write it backwards on your forehead. People won't know what it means since it is backwards but when you look in the mirror you could see what it is. The perfect plan.

By  Agtthepw  |  21

There are two moments in life: then one when you can say 'at least you tried' and those when you can still say it but it doesn't change a damn thing!
I feel you fall under the second category.