By Niquesha - 23/04/2011 23:56 - United States

Today, while trying on an outfit in the dressing room at the mall, I got locked in. I decided to take 5 minutes to try and get out by crawling under the door. After I got out, I realized I left my cell phone, my purse and my pants inside. FML
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Hopefully you wore your cute panties that day. You know... The ones with the little bunnies on them...


uncbballwins 0

Hopefully you wore your cute panties that day. You know... The ones with the little bunnies on them...

Dudelike89 8

She did. I got it all on camera.

thats really creepy. you should get some help.

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dude Ur ******* stupid ........ drugs are cool nice description dipshit one day Ur gonna get high and go do something stupid ....... and die "sigh" dumbass

Yeah, drugs are a bad idea when you already have trouble putting together a sentence.

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don't worry op I've left the house without pants on twice before o.o

if i wore pants i'd have to have a concelled weapons permit

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If she left her cell inside, couldn't she just call for help BEFORE she left?

#79, I mistyped it. I'm aware of how "then" is spelled, so stop being an ass.

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um, or just ask a worker to unlock the door now that you're out, dummy.

Whoa, don't take it to heart. Sheesh.

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what the hell did you just say?

i was congratulating her on getting out!

What the **** is wrong is wrong with you? your like 14? you're not a woman, more like an annoying bitch. Sorry to burst your bubble of "matureness"

thing is, i never said i was a woman. i said OP had woman power! learn to read.

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why are yall hatin on this girl. ?

s3xymoma 1

lol I gotcha back. they just hating n won't let u write what's on your mind.

ehh but im kinda over what bullies say. ive been bullied basically my whole school-life because of my height, looks, etc. so i dont listen to them. tey think they're at the top of the food chain but really, they're way at the bottom.

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yea I feel you . I hate seeing other ppl getting teased , makes me feel bad.

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All of you just shut the hell up and stop trolling. Problem solved.

...nobody cares people get bullied all the time.get over it when people get bullied they allow it to happen (unless it's assault) GET OVER IT. stop making it such q big deal.

deafeningsilence 8

yea I agree do you not see her profile pic? that's gross and whoreish and as you said she's like 14....

peoples jut hatin on ya huh. that sucks....

3. you will attract pedo bear with that photo.

I got locked in a changing room once. I was at a beach and had to get changed into my swimsuit, but the door wouldn't open. I grabbed my bag and clothes (like OP should have done) and crawled under the door... to find a Japanese women staring at me. I ran out of there as fast as I could!

40 - Well, no one cares for your comment either. 27, your story FTW. :P

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I don't think you would have the brainpower to care anyways.

Wow 40, the amount of thought and contemplation that went into your comment is staggering. I'm floored by your obvious intelligence and wit.

Ignore this, FML is playing tricks on me.

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damn, how little is the space under the door that it took u five minutes to get out? nd just find someone to open the door to get Ur stuff, no biggie

How big is she if it took her 5 minutes to fit through the small space in the door?

Bo-ho-ho-ho...cry me a river then build a bridge and get over yourself. YDI

what the ****? stop being such a bitchy wannabe and try for some empathy

what the ****? stop being a bitchy wannabe and try for some empathy

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No one is capable of crying that much.

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It's boo and hoo unless you are being cheerful like Santa.

Nice going, OP. Crawl back under and get your stuff.