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Today, my new iPhone was stolen from my school locker. After canceling my service, sobbing, having my mom yell at the secretary for their lack of security and finally agreeing to change to a private school, I found it in the corner of my locker. FML
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U deserve it for overreacting! Geez, calm down!

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Well what're you gonna do now?


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Well what're you gonna do now?

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Why didn't you just wait for the iPhone 5..?

wow...good thing you guys didn't react. smh

This is kinda funny in a way. I mean think about it... Some spoiled kid loses an exspensive phone, cries to mommy, makes a huge seen, makes plans to change school.. and BAM there's the phone. Now what OP? You gonna bitch about that too lol.. Don't cry over spilt milk!

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well OP is crying to mommy because they obviously cant take care of themselves or do anything without their parents. everytime theres a problem, they go bitch about it.

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i would have bought myself a BlackBerry! and kept it on me. i never leave my BB anywhere.. especially in a locker room.

lol. nice mom. who's gonna protect you when you move out? :/

39. Considering I'm not in school, nor do I live with my parents and I pay for my own cell phone, I'd probly end up buying a new one with hard earned money.

been there done that, blackberry's ******* gay.

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With the infinite amount of things to do on an iPhone or android phone, I am amazed he would simply leave it in his locker.

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jus like the idiots that leave their purse, wallet and/or keys in the car and then bitch when it gets stolen. YDI

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lack of security? wtf did OP want? a knight guarding his locker?

He would want the whole round table rainbow.

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I had a crappy little silver Kyocera phone in high school that I paid for with money I earned from the job I started at 14. Teens and kids are ******* spoiled nowadays.

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20 - because no one knows when the iPhone 5 is coming out now. And talk is it's just going to be a re-release of the iPhone 4, just like they did a 3GS.

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79 I just laughed so hard. thank you :D

It's one thing to overreact like that, but seriously? Who the **** leaves their phone (especially an iPhone) in their locker!?

having an iPhone doesn't make you spoiled, I've had 7 iPhones, I never got upset when I lost em. I mean like they still make them right? just get another?

you cried that much over a iPhone, geez.

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I would've kept it and if you had insurance on it you could've reported it stolen and got another brand new and your in a new school especially private school so now people might think your rich :)

98- just because you had a crappy phone doesn't mean the world should too. get over it.

My parents give me an iPhone in high school?? Fat chance. I started with a crappy flip phone and worked my way to an iPhone.

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overreacting little bitch I hate people like u ****.

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I hope you don't plan on having kids.

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133- you can't insure iPhones. with AT&T anyways.

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YES! BlackBerry for the win! I have the same phone as you by the way! blackberry storm right?

Yeah, and after begging, whining, and tantrums, the mother giving in and saying anything other than, "Cut the shit, you're not getting an iPhone," makes OP spoiled.

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apparently it did make you spoiled if you had 7 of them

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i like ur pic( it is two girls right lol)

^ I like your pic. ( its you in a spiderman suit right?)

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99. to b fair they only had crappy kyoceras when u were in high school. and kids these days r just as spoiled as kids 10 years ago. there's just cooler technology out now

it's ridiculous. the only reason I have an iPhone is because I paid for it with MY money. Mommy and daddy taught me to be independant which is not the case for most teens nowadays.

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*independent Just sing the song(:

I admit that I would overreact if my iPhone was stolen or lost, since my parents told me that if my iPhone gets broken, stollen, or lost, I wouldn't get another phone ever again. [ i can't buy myself another one since my parents wont let me work still ]

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I agree, (not so much on the blackberry) me It's common sense! do not leave anything valuable in school lockers! and idk why people gave this comment so many "thumb down"....

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121, the reason you weren't upset about losing your 7 iPhones was probably because you knew mommy and daddy would run and get you a brand new one. I don't believe an iPhone makes you spoiled though, seeing as the 3GS is now $50.

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#39- Umm..tried phoning it to hear it ring/ see if someone answers. Completely empty the locker out and see if it isn't under/behind something. Been responsible or shown myself to be smarter than a rock.

they probably felt guilty, told their parents, asking for their advice, and it turned out badly for them. OP sobbed, not whined..

yea but can with Verizon. I heard AT&T was doing a scam with iPhones and iPads

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that's why you get MobileMe . Dumbass.

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someone recently stole my iPhone... and I didn't cry about it. pussy.

having 7 iPhones means that u are spoiled

121 You just completely defined spoiled right there. Only spoiled kids are reckless enough to go through 7 iPhones.

some people don't have that kind of money.

yeah well not everyone (or their parents) can afford to buy a new ******* iphone everytime something happens to it. kids nowadays are so spoiled. i remember when it was still considered a little young to have a phone at 16 years old, and there are 9 year olds out there with more expensive phones than i will probably ever get. smh.

U deserve it for overreacting! Geez, calm down!

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exactly... besides, with an iPhone, all you have to do is use "Find My iPhone" at and you'll have the location right on your computer.

as if you would change schools just because you thought your phone got stolen. that's just really stupid

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YDI for not checking ALL of your locker.

Agreed. F*CK these spoiled ass white kids!!

I don't think it's exactly fair to say "spoiled white kids". anyone can be spoiled. also, I personally dot think that it's the materials that make someone spoiled, just the way the individual sees the materials. just because someone has something doesn't make them spoiled. however, from what I can tell from this FML, This student sounds spoiled for my being able to deal without an iPhone for a day...I'm in China on vacation right now and I'm using my iPod to write this, but my blackberry doesn't work, and while some people may call me spoiled, I'm not bitching. it's all about the attitude, in my honest opinion

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hahahah swagger that made me laugh out loud. thank you so much.

Where did it say that they were white?

my b 206 I kinda got lost in writing that comment

... excuse me? I'm not the OP, but I happen to be half Asian, too. I also pay for my service and I payed for my phone. don't be a jerk.

Wow.....why would you switch to a private school because your phone got stolen? Put a lock on it dumbass!

Well next time check your shit thoroughly.

There's another possibility. Some kid could've taken the phone and put it back after his freakout so he didn't get caught.

I bet op found it at the last place he looked.

Well think of how small lockers usually are. He should be able to see it. The 1st line also said it was stolen so maybe there is a small beam of light on the POSSIBILITY it was stolen an put back

*and* put back. (before I get tore to shreds on FML)

^ dude just stop while you're ahead.. you messed up just admit it

I think I would keep the iPhone. Any other one yeah, but an iPhone?

@91, obviously it would be the last place they looked, they wouldnt find it and carry onlooking for it

#156 I think that was the point.. It was a joke..

man you are dumb check ur stuff good next time

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I found a staple in my shit...

thank you 169! atleast you caught on lol

What the hell??? You did all that just because you thought your phone had been stolen? Moving to a private school?

yeah ,so that the next time he loses his phone, he can see through a security camera that OP is just a dumbass

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no I think it's called being a spoiled bitch

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1 you shouldnt have an iphone in a school locker, 2 you are a dumbass

3 your mom's a dumbass for yelling at the secretary instead of you

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5, you're an idiot for switching schools over a "stolen" phone 

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6, OP should've waited for the Iphone 5 instead of buying the 4 now...

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64 - I bought the iPhone 4 now. The 5 can't be that much different and you'll be able to upgrade to the new software anyways.

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Dude, the pic can't get no clearer. the f*ck this 8 mp??

I leave my IPhone in my school locker sometimes, I usually carry it around with me because 1. The teachers don't care as long as we're not using our phones 2. I have been caught but my teachers like me 3. My locker was far away from my last class of the day and I usually only had to go to it to get my phone.

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...anyone? Okay I'll do it. No. You are.

Could've simply said "You're" Also, use correct grammar before calling someone else retarded.

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I don't need to correct my spelling to call someone an idiot, u guys read it u guys understood it so suk it

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You all are friggin ridiculous. Get a life and stop hopping on this dudes balls because he forgot an "E." If all you have to look forward to in life is correcting someone's grammar on a phone app, your life ******* sucks. Read this as I spell it perfectly : You all are D U M B A S S E S.

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Yeah because everybody can afford to change to a private school like that. You know, just several 30k a year for school fees.

You're blind and a cry baby! Grow up

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idk why this made me laugh so much. Someone explain.

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woulda been funnier in caps.

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189- I totally get you. the more I read it and hear it in my head, the more I laugh. you aren't the only crazy one lol