By Blueberry - United States - Iowa City

You ain't seen me, right

Today, I was showering at my dorm. I had my clothes locked in a locker and my towel and robe hanging outside the stall. Someone took off with my towel and robe, which had my keys. I had to walk down three flights of stairs to get an extra key in nothing but a plastic shower curtain. FML
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  christyxbee  |  15

This has happened to me in my freshman year of college. Only not only did my floor mates do that, they also hung my underwear and bra outside the community shower/bathroom window. It wasn't for fun either. Had a tough time that year due to bullying - youd think that would be practically nonexistent by the time you're in your 20's (especially at a private religious college like mine) but boy can you be surprised.

  happylawyer  |  16

To hold the water from getting outside the shower, but letting the light in. :-)

Even the completely see-thru ones could cover the view when folded. It could have covered her.

  gc327072  |  29

69- what I'm trying to say is, in a house/apt there's usually a outer decorative curtain, and an inner rubber/plastic one. In public facilities, there's usually just the inner, but it's usually not see-through for obvious privacy reasons.

  damnu  |  3

Sure, the key was in the robe so of course cellphones was under the pillow. She must have been alone in the dorm, or everybody was implied into the joke...