By Klamp18 - United States
Today, I decided to attach fifteen-pound weights to each foot so I could burn some extra calories while shoveling snow. My dad asked me to move one of the cars in the driveway. When I put my foot on the gas pedal, I couldn't take it off. I ended up hitting my sister and knocking her into a snow bank. FML
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  crzyry  |  6

I agree that this is horrible but how is the OP's life fucked. FOPSL.
It should read today I was outside minding my own buisness when my idiot brother hit me with a car knocking me into a snowbank.FML

  The_Pleb  |  0

Wah Wah

How weak must you be not being able to lift up 15 pounds.... wahahaha

BOOOOO you lose i bet i could lift you up with my little finger

Those who disagree GET OFF MY FACE

  Tripout  |  0

Ima have to disagree. OP was shovling snow (doesn't say how long) but from what I know. It does get pretty tiring on your legs after a while if you have 15 lbs on them. Maybe OP was just too worked out to lift thier leg fast enough from hitting thier sister. Either way it's a FHL. She got hit by the car XD which is actually pretty funny when u actually see someone get hit infront on u. YES PEOPLE I KNOW. I HAVE NO HEART ROFLMFAO

  singalot17  |  0

You'd fml to if you cared about your sister and felt guilty. Be nice to him for all you know it happened so fast he couldn't swerve! People need to think before the write things.

Yes OP should have thought about the weights, but that doesn't mean he can't fml

  MrHighlight  |  0

OP deserves it for being an idiot. Like Tripout said, shoveling snow does get tiring after a while so it's understandable that this might happen. But you'd think that fact ALONE would make OP see enough sense to take off the bloody weights. Even 1 kg (2.2 pounds) weights can make a huge difference after a while, and with gas pedals being so sensetive, anyone in their right mind would remove the 15 pound-weights before they got inside a car.

  Theo_fml  |  0

It'S very posible he did not even remember about the weights. I have often had to shovel my driveway, which has enough space for at least five cars, and that can take up to three hours and a half. Even in an interval of half that time, someone could easily simply forget about the weights even being there, until it's too late. To all those who call him stupid, I say that he actualy took an initiative to work out while doing a very monotonous job, and I believe it's a great idea; if you insult him for doing this, then it is probably a good indicator of the fact that you yourself consider exercise as something vile and all those who go the extra mile as being retards. I am glad to not be like you. And, as someone else mentionned, he visibly feels guilty, thus I agree that this is a valid fml, and should not be discounted.

  MrHighlight  |  0

@ Theo
Firstly, have you ever tried working out with weights tied to your legs? No? I have. I have 3 sets of them at home. Trust me, you don't simply forget. Secondly, not once did I insult him for working out. In fact, I admire his commitment. I'm calling him an idiot for NOT TAKING THE WEIGHTS OFF BEFORE GETTING INTO THE CAR. Thirdly, I work out daily - and I don't see how can you say otherwise simply judging by what I said in my first post.


at least he was making an attempt to lose weight and not just sitting around being a giant lard and blaming "society and genetics" like the rest of the fat people in the USA

  Stured  |  0

In the same way any exercise what so ever is bad for your joints? especialy weight lifting etc.....You cant live life by whats bad for you otherwise you wouldnt do anything.