By Anonymous - 06/08/2009 11:11 - United States

Today, I found out my boyfriend stacks things on me while I sleep. Apparently his record is 4 pillows, a textbook, and the cat. FML
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I'm impressed! I've not gotten that far yet.

Your boyfriend sounds awesome!


Congratulations! You got a first comment :D

Ox_Baker 0

Boyfriend = awesome.

YDI for sleeping.

what kind of an fml is this ..

Not a FML, but hysterical all the same.

tenkenshi 2

Be glad that's ALL he does to you in your sleep. He's hilarious!

americayay 0

Very funny. NOT an FML.

That's exactly what I thought when I read this! It's by no means an FML. If you didn't know he was stacking things on you before this, it obviously wasn't harming you in any way.

it´s not AN fml... it´s A fml :)

Um.. no, it is most definitely AN eff-em-ell. Say it out loud.

hahahah that's AWESOME!

BGarden 0

HAHAHA. This is hilarious.


Yeah, that's totally cute.

In fact, I think I'll have to try that myself.

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Yes, a "what the fuck" moment at first, but this is just hilarious. It's not FML, it's just ... what it is. =]

Imawhalerider 0

FYL for having a flat chest to be able to put all of that on without falling. assuming he put them on your chest, if it was your feet thats not impressive.

She could sleep on her stomach, and he could stack them on her back..

Or he could use her stomach, she doesn't have to have a flat chest for you to stack things on her

hey, ill take funny even if it is not properly located online :)

djb23 0

At least he doesn't call you "the Stacker" in public..

I was kind of assuming he was stacking them on her face. It made it funnier.

kindofgocrazy 0

Yeah, it would've been funnier, but if he put four pillows on her face, plus a textbook and a cat, the pillow probably would've suffocated her. Your boyfriend has the greatest hobby. Ever.

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119 I totally heard ralphs voice when I read your comment xD

flat chests are hot

That's why it would've been funny.

66mustangrocks 4

u like flat chests? gay.....

You can't help having a flat chest

xo_emily_xo 0

Haha, that sucks : )

Lol its awesome!!

noobgang7 5

"and the cat". love it

r u a girl or guy?

haha, twilight sucks cock

I'm impressed! I've not gotten that far yet.

Your boyfriend sounds awesome!

Amen to that!

wow Mark, no need to go and get those tight size small panties, into a bunch, i know they dont feel good when you have a massive wedgie, but chill out broski, wow, its like you don't even care about people's feelings, take a second and think about how that post made blurggle and lordjilly feel, i mean if i were them I would use an I statement and say "I don't like it when you say mean and hurtful things." And than after that according to the rules of the I statement you would say your sorry and mean it because what you said was so uncalled for and rude, and everyone would hug and dance and sing until, the beast of the land came and blocked out the sun, killing all the plants, kicking little kids in the belly button and ultimately eating you because you didn't really mean your I statement and that my friend is worth you being eaten.

cpatrick820 3


LMAO! Sounds like someone besides myself took peer counselor classes in high school, excellent work ananamoose!

angelienie 0

you rock. tell mark how it is. karma's a bitch!... and a blessing, when it's the right time...

funnier then the FML

slushpup9696 12

"and everyone would hug and sing and dance" I lol'd.

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That is hilarious. A little rude, but also hilarious.

thelonelylurker 0

Hilarious and cute.

Agreed that is kind of a cute thing :D and he keeps track ROFL!!

XxNicolexX 0

l0l!!! Awesome!

What's wrong with a little harmless fun?

Nothing, OP will wind up with someone dull and lifeless if she takes offense about stuff like this.

yohaun12 3

he's friggn hilarious. 4 pillows a textbook and the cat. he's bad ass for that

Lol that's actually funny xD