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Did you lose it or break it?

time to go to ihop


Man, I thought it sounded awesome...

So much you could have said, being the first comment, and you say that?

How does that sound awesome?

I'm assuming that was sarcasm...

im so confused. it this a good thing or a bad thing?

This needs a followup. I'm curious as to what happened to OP's leg.

Read OP's username.

Did you lose it or break it?

I think he lost it..where'd it go op?

It called "shotgun".

If the leg took shotgun, who's driving?

#35 gravity was driving and velocity was in the back.

At least you tired

I'd certainly be "tired" after pushing a truck for a long distance! Furthermore, I'm sure a leg injury didn't wake OP up that much.

He was trying to make a pun, not a spelling mistake

#11 was also making a pun.

lay off the acid 26...

At least he has a dad to "lean" on

Is the leg just broken or did it get something worse?

That's what I'm wondering. Sounds like the truck took off with his leg somewhere...

Maybe they were meant for each other!

Maybe he had an artificial leg left in the truck

Yea right, OP left his artificial leg in the truck before pushing it to ramp, on one leg

#49 I'm glad we've reached a consensus.

49, I know you were being sarcastic, but I just laughed my ass off picturing a one-legged man pushing a truck. So thank you for that.

Broken limbs suck, especially legs. Feel better!

time to go to ihop

Isn't this a country song?

Well you win some you lose some