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By  PureGold  |  0

That must have been one bitter snow plow'd think he or she would see your car and, if anything, try to help xP. Not bury your car in more snow. That sucks :(

By  imago_fml  |  0

*laughing* YDI since they said that if you didn't have to go anywhere... Than don't!! Besides no one in Nebraska goes anywhere unless it's to work, a bar, or a to see the horrible awful "CornHuskers" or "Huskers" play. WHOOOO GO TEXAS!

*laughs* And I live in Nebraska so I know what it said on the TV, Radio, and in the paper. (Before some smart ass says "how would you know?") Nebraska Sucks!

  IzzyAiles  |  0

I would say Fyourlife, if you live in Nebraska and all you do is hate it and go to bars.

And Nebraska almost won, if that second hadn't been put on the clock, we would have won by two points.