By muddygal - 25/06/2011 19:10 - United States

Today, while driving with my family, the car got stuck in a large patch of mud. My family of seven decided that I, the fifteen year old girl, would be best suited to push it out. After slipping, falling, and getting completely covered in mud, they finally called a tow truck. FML
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Wow that's retarded. why didn't your dad do it?

I heard OP *puts on sunglasses* likes it dirty.


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I heard OP *puts on sunglasses* likes it dirty.

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I guess you could say... (puts on sunglasses) That was a poor decision on your family's part and the wiser idea would have been to call the tow truck instead of sending your daughter to take care of it.

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I guess your family doesn't like you as much

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I guess you could say *takes off sunglasses* your attempt at humor, twas a failure.

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i guess u could say *puts on sunglasses* it's sunny outside.

I guess you could say *snaps sunglasses in half* you all need new sunglasses

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I guess you could say * shatters sunglasses* SHUT THE **** UP!

I guess *smashes sunglasses with an oversized hammer* **** YOU.

This should stop before the number of sunglasses comments reaches critical level. What does the scanner say about that level? It's 20. Anyone who thinks differently has a much greater tolerance than I do.

don't u have to atleast 16 to drive? OP's 15.

Eminem_chick your dp is awesome ^_^ Eminem!!

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73 thanks!!:) i love that gorgeous talented man..but ur comment might get moderated cuz its off-topic D: like this onexD

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79/82 - Be glad I didn't go with "OVER 9000".

c-c-c-c *puts on sunglasses* COMBO BREAKER.

I guess *puts on monocle* we have quite the predicament here good sir

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I guess * puts on , with difficulty, scuba diving suit * it's time to bring this to a new level.

I think you all have some kind of problem if you need to stop in the middle of your sentence to put on sunglasses and then continue....

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I think *puts on sunglasses* you need a doctor if you don't have any sunglasses. *my sunglasses shatter and I bring a new pair out of my pocket*

I'm going to ( puts on sunglasses ) shove everyone else's sunglasses up there ass.

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You guys are funny as hell xD

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is this *put on sunglasses* thing from csi!

But this isn't *puts on glasses* CSI...

well 137 *puts on sunglasses* not yet

It would seem *puts on sunglasses* that 8 has started a new fad.

i think ill... *puts on sunglasses* ... put my sunglasses on now.

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I think "1's" joke was funnier than all of em....:/ how sad

suck it up buttercup get out there and do some work and quit whining!

This has been the best string of comments ever! lmao

I do not *puts on sunglasses* find this difficult to ********** to

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That may be true 172 *puts on sunglasses* but at least my eyes are protected.

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You could say *puts on earmuffs* I'm very bad at catching onto jokes.

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Wow that's retarded. why didn't your dad do it?

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Maybe hes old and/or has a back back or otger disability? Maybe he's even in a wheelchair?

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What if OP isn't telling the whole story? Dad isn't a good choice because he lost his legs in the war. Mom is pregnant with the 8th family member. OP is a 15 yr old female bodybuilder. The other 4 kids are of ages 6 and below. Eh, I guess either way they should have realized that it would be better to call a tow truck instead of making a 15 yr old girl push.

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if so they can get married now in the state of new York.

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theyre prolly lazy prep people

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I can honestly say that this is a good experience, builds character

Why should the dad do it? Way to perpetuate gender roles. Why can't the teenager do anything useful?

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2- I think u should get a psychiatrist and stop trying to be one:p

don't you have to be 17 to use this site????

No, you have to be 13 to sign up. With the app however, you're supposed to verify that you're 17 because there may be mature content. As long as you click yes though, it doesn't check it any further. :)

158 I hate comments that complain about age of users.

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Maybe the dad was driving and when she pushed them out of the dad had to press the gas to get them out of this situation?

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I bet you'll be a good mud wrestler!

If I were you I would break something. And then ignore the family for a while.

this is the point at which you hug everybody that stayed in the car for their helpful efforts.

then at that point she would be rejected for being muddy ;D

it's all about the element of surprise! haha

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Hug everyone. Leave no survivors.

Kenton1008 21

you dumbass, it doesn't matter what type of music people listen to.

what the hell r u talking about?! he saying get her family dirty by hugging them...

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it is your punishment for being in the same group as Justin bieber fans

shut the hell up man, seriously :L I'm 15 and I don't like Justin bieber! Plus I doubt OP does either, don't be so quick to judge someone on their freakin' age -.-

I'm older than every one here put together, and l LOVE Justin Bieber. But why did they give her a boy's name? There's no explaining this generation...

cheaa man, shut the f*ck up. not all teenage girls love Justin Beiber. I happen to love metal thank you very much.

daysgoby902 6

I'm sure if we were talking statistics he's right he's not saying everyone he's saying age group

HAHAHA that joke is so funny. Almost as good as the joke that goes all people who are in dimly lit pictures with muscle shirts who stereotype all teenage girls to like Justin Bieber are douches... oh wait... not a joke

it's um.. that dude from hollywood undead.

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Your just mad because he's cute . your not . he's famous your not:) Have a horrible life:)

IndiRae 9

I'll admit that deuce (Aron erlichman) is a good lookin man. I'm cute though too..,

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If your so cute why do you have an ugly looking man as your icon?