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Today, while driving with my family, the car got stuck in a large patch of mud. My family of seven decided that I, the fifteen year old girl, would be best suited to push it out. After slipping, falling, and getting completely covered in mud, they finally called a tow truck. FML
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  JesusFishTaco  |  5

I guess you could say... (puts on sunglasses) That was a poor decision on your family's part and the wiser idea would have been to call the tow truck instead of sending your daughter to take care of it.

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This should stop before the number of sunglasses comments reaches critical level. What does the scanner say about that level?

It's 20. Anyone who thinks differently has a much greater tolerance than I do.


What if OP isn't telling the whole story?

Dad isn't a good choice because he lost his legs in the war.

Mom is pregnant with the 8th family member.

OP is a 15 yr old female bodybuilder.

The other 4 kids are of ages 6 and below.

Eh, I guess either way they should have realized that it would be better to call a tow truck instead of making a 15 yr old girl push.

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No, you have to be 13 to sign up. With the app however, you're supposed to verify that you're 17 because there may be mature content. As long as you click yes though, it doesn't check it any further. :)

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HAHAHA that joke is so funny. Almost as good as the joke that goes all people who are in dimly lit pictures with muscle shirts who stereotype all teenage girls to like Justin Bieber are douches... oh wait... not a joke