By Lapis - 20/12/2009 19:42 - United States

Today, I woke up to a quite frigid room, which wasn't out of the ordinary since my building's heat is broken. But I realized that the extra cold I was feeling was due to the snow piled up on my bed. It had snowed 20 inches last night. My mom had apparently opened my window. FML
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Why would your mom open a window when it's cold enough to snow there, and the heat is broken?

Maybe she wanted a snow angel? :D Oh, I crack myself up. In my mind, anyway.


Rebecca1993 0

How would you not wake up in the middle of the night? But yeah, that sucks dude.

That's what I was wondering. I have to give this one a YDI because it seems IMPOSSIBLE that being THAT cold wouldn't wake you up ONE bit.

You both need to think before you post. Likely he woke up _because_ he was so cold.

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It could happen. Actually, it did happen to me the night before last. OP probably did wake up, like I did, but just blew it off, thinking it was just the cold room and pulled the covers back over his feet and went back to sleep. It happened to me a bunch of times, but I kept thinking I was just cold because I forgot to wear socks, but I didn't want to get up and get them, so I went back to sleep. I didn't have a full pile, but a dusting of snow all around my feet. FYL, it must be hard to clean if its that much.

All it says is "Today, I woke up..." it doesn't say it was morning, for all you know it WAS in the middle of last night.

@Emilyinroom483: we can pretty much ascertain that the OP didn't wake up in the middle of the night, since he says "It had snowed 20 inches last night." My guess is he woke up in the morning, likely early morning, because he was freezing his arse off. Unless, of course, the OP sucks at phrasing things.

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It was a blizzard, most of which occurred overnight. He could have woken up at 2AM and have a decent amount of snow.

I get what ya'll are saying...but to have woken up after TWENTY INCHES had already fallen is STILL weird. Sure...he may have woken up in the middle of the night...but how he didn't wake up EARLIER to a very cold breeze and something wet and freezing falling on his bed...something just is off with that.

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look at you guys posting theories and reading context clues about OP's scenario, half of you played way too much clue or read way too much Sherlock Holmes books either way no one will actually know if op woke up in the middle of the night or made the whole thing up :-)

Maybe she wanted a snow angel? :D Oh, I crack myself up. In my mind, anyway.

Haha that made me laugh harder then this fml. thanks!!

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Wow that must have been fun to clean up

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**** you bitch i'll kill you

At least you didn't pee yourself at night

doesn't matter, his bed will be all wet anyway

Why would your mom open a window when it's cold enough to snow there, and the heat is broken?

It snowed 22 inches where I live. I got to shovel snow for 5 hours. But that does suck. You have a stupid mother

I'd reach down to the foot of my bed,pack a large, firm snowball, and pop my mother in the back of the head.

Your Mom's trying to kill you, OP. Watch your back.

blazingman311 1

AUUUUGHGGHHH!!! I got stomach cancer from that pun! DX

that was the stupidest thing I have ever read #14. I agree with you #13... OP watch your back and your front and both sides to. I know how it goes, one minute your reading quietly in the car, next they're trying to launch you through the windshield...