By ByeByeBlackberry - United States
Today, I decided I would finally get up and weed our front yard. After a long couple of hours, I was hot and sweaty and decided to jump in the pool, with all my clothes on, just for fun. Right as I was in the air doing a cannon ball, my BlackBerry started to ring from my pocket... FML
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@ #35: yea hes an idiot. he could've gone in to bullet time and taken his phone out of his pants and then picked a suitble place to throw it without it breaking and thrown it. what a dumbass... oh wait we're normal humans we dont have slo-mo in real life to do that in the 2 secs it takes to jump up and fall down sorry max payne

At OP: man that sux that happened to me like 5 times in my life (not in the same way but you know) dont worry about it fones are delicate everyone kills em every once in a while.