By ByeByeBlackberry - 07/09/2009 17:32 - United States

Today, I decided I would finally get up and weed our front yard. After a long couple of hours, I was hot and sweaty and decided to jump in the pool, with all my clothes on, just for fun. Right as I was in the air doing a cannon ball, my BlackBerry started to ring from my pocket... FML
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Same thing happened to me with my phone. Put it in a bag of rice! :)

You are an asshole friend. What kind of asshole dunks their friend's blackberries in water?


YDI for not taking your phone out of your pocket beforehand

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...who cares? how about write a meaningful comment? OP, that sucks, hope you had phone insurance haha

Who cares about meaningful comments? This is the internet d00d

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It keeps changing between two posts.

wtf retard noone keeps their phone in plastic bags.. you the most ******* stupid ass guy ive ever heard

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i can't believe you took that seriously.

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who's retarded? me, or the idiot who couldn't tell i was joking?

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i don't understand why everyone hates the "first!" people. just ignore it and move on to comment #2.

For some reason, this FML keeps alternating between Unregistered and myself as the first poster :S Is it happening for anyone else?

@ #35: yea hes an idiot. he could've gone in to bullet time and taken his phone out of his pants and then picked a suitble place to throw it without it breaking and thrown it. what a dumbass... oh wait we're normal humans we dont have slo-mo in real life to do that in the 2 secs it takes to jump up and fall down sorry max payne At OP: man that sux that happened to me like 5 times in my life (not in the same way but you know) dont worry about it fones are delicate everyone kills em every once in a while.

because its pathetic and annoying. you actually had to ask?

): I agree for not checking your pockets! ):

YDI for not putting it on silent first.

# 87 and 83 FAIL cuz phones don't ring on silent. read the fml ? OP THAT SUCKS. Time for a new phone ! :)

imagine if OP did an epic reach into his pocket grabbed his blackberry and slung it on to hi pawn before he hit the water!



Same thing happened to me with my phone. Put it in a bag of rice! :)

imagine that in slow mo, just like "shhhiiittt"

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the rice will attract asains that fix your phone for you

Mann. Don't you hate it when you forget things like that? Agreed with #4.

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Put it in a bag of rice. It can be saved.