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  flockz  |  19

what op did u just jump into his arms? i mean it didnt seem like u struggled too much to stop him and its not the easiest thing to throw another person.

  Jammy01jams  |  2

I'm sure he would buy you new ones, I would especially after being the reason they're broken...

  dre_bro11  |  12

48, that works only if the phone hasn't been used since it was dropped in the water. Cause it's not the water that fucks the electronics (not 100%) it's actually really the short circuit when you use it while it's wet....
So yer op, still try putting in rice, cover it up with rice for a few days in the sun.

  flawedgenius  |  6

carrying a mobile and an ipod is a normal way of life nowadays, and being next to a pool shouldn't make any difference. the boyfriend is at fault and if you can't realise that you are stupid!

  chlorinegreen  |  27

dry them out if you hurried and got out fast if they still don't work check your warranty and see if you can get them replaced and if that doesn't work tell the funny guy pay up or arms up. take him to a donation clinic and give plasma. you saving lives and get your phone and iPod! WIN WIN!!!

  MrsDruidess  |  23

this is such a common post on FML that its hard to feel bad anymore. Rule of pools, if your hanging by the pool put all call phones and iPods on the table away from any ass that might toss you in. Unless he picked you up inside and carried you to the pool ydi.

By  marinus_fml  |  19

Since when do bikinis have pockets? Wait, whaaaaat? Why weren't you wearing a bikini! No wonder he threw you in.