By pod - 25/06/2011 23:29 - United States

Today, my boyfriend threw me into his pool. I had my phone and iPod in my pockets. FML
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Was it an iPhone? I'm sure there's an app to help fix your phone.


eminemchick 19

loll he just threw you in his pool?! woww..xD

YDI for carrying your iPod and phone next to a pool when you are with your boyfriend

flockz 19

what op did u just jump into his arms? i mean it didnt seem like u struggled too much to stop him and its not the easiest thing to throw another person.

guilio_2008 0

find his favorite electronic thing and throw it in the pool.

PDeffinP 0

I once threw Amy winehouse into a pool, her shim was so leathery it soaked up all the water. I couldn't even swim :(

Jammy01jams 2

I'm sure he would buy you new ones, I would especially after being the reason they're broken...

48, that works only if the phone hasn't been used since it was dropped in the water. Cause it's not the water that ***** the electronics (not 100%) it's actually really the short circuit when you use it while it's wet.... So yer op, still try putting in rice, cover it up with rice for a few days in the sun.

alexa183 2

OP, take apart your phone and then put it in the rice. trust me, that's happened to me before, and it helped.

flawedgenius 6

YFI! carrying a mobile and an ipod is a normal way of life nowadays, and being next to a pool shouldn't make any difference. the boyfriend is at fault and if you can't realise that you are stupid!

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Looks like OP's boyfriend is not very observant

yep... rice will do the trick.. but not a bag a bowl.

Alwayspullout 7

You should have an iPhone because then you would've only had 1 electronic device destroyed, not 2.

Try the rice in the bowl... It worked for me once, but I tried it again with an iPod that got dropped in the sink and it never came back to life. :|

roslene 0

:O that must suck a lot.FYL op :/

chlorinegreen 27

dry them out if you hurried and got out fast if they still don't work check your warranty and see if you can get them replaced and if that doesn't work tell the funny guy pay up or arms up. take him to a donation clinic and give plasma. you saving lives and get your phone and iPod! WIN WIN!!!

that sucks OP... but while your boyfriend was picking you up to throw you in the pool why didnt you scream at him that you had your ipod?

this is such a common post on FML that its hard to feel bad anymore. Rule of pools, if your hanging by the pool put all call phones and iPods on the table away from any ass that might toss you in. Unless he picked you up inside and carried you to the pool ydi.

Sounds like... *puts on sunglasses* You're sunk. YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAH!

PandaPandy 6

Hehehe that makes no sense XD good try

ZombieeeeUnicorn 1

Sounds like... *puts on sunglasses* A failed attempt at being comical!

it looks like..... *Puts on sunglasses* you got wet. YYYEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!

4 and 112 - I don't know why, but that comment made me laugh REALLY hard, thank you for end my night happily. ^^

No we have a perfectly good sunglasses combo on the other fml. Don't start this. Besides *puts on sunglasses* it just ain't classy.

You looked all the way to 112? THATS pathetic.

Since when do bikinis have pockets? Wait, whaaaaat? Why weren't you wearing a bikini! No wonder he threw you in.

MissCharlotte_fml 26

He's an idiot, but that would've been hilarious to watch.

StopDropNRoll 11

idk I saw a guy walk into a pool with his iPhone it wasn't too funny..maybe getting thrown in is?

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O..O I feel for you girl that's like your baby

im gonna feel terrible for your kids if you view them like you view your phone/iPod.

*looks at kids* The smaller one is defective. Maybe I can trade it in for the newest model?

this happens too often for me to actually pity you or agree that your life is ******.

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Walking by a pool without a bathing suit tsk tsk

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Well... I have a pool in my backyard right when you walk outside. I'm not gonna put on a swim suit just to walk past the pool or to chill on the deck.

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and I'm sure you'd be thrilled if your bike was totaled.Hypocrite

Was it an iPhone? I'm sure there's an app to help fix your phone.

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y would she have a iphone and a ipod?-_-

I have an iPod, then I got an iPhone. I still carry both.

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I think tha ipod lasts longer than the iPhone.? I do tha same tho :) jus sayin haha

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Haha 21 no there isn't lol it's a joke. Haha you just made my day.

Brennaa69 5

Umm.. if the phone was water damaged and can't turn back on, the app to help fix the phone is useless.

I got an iPad,iPod,Iphone3 and 4g soo what's the problem of having too many?

#142 now aren't you just apple's favorite customer...

Yeah, I'm sure she would use it…if her phone turns on.

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DumbAssss How Are You Gunna Get An App To Fix Your Wet iPhone When It Wont Turn On .? Rememberr Its W A T E R .?! Saltyyy -___- Smh .