By Anonymous - 11/08/2011 06:04 - Canada

Today, I informed my parents that my husband and I are separating after much deliberation. We came to this conclusion relatively peacefully. According to my parents, I'm now Satan, and will end up on the streets as a crack whore if we don't change our minds and stay together. FML
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FYL, your parents are nuts...

I see nothing wrong with being Satan.


FYL, your parents are nuts...

Time for your parents to go into an insane asylum :D

juicedboi 7

May I sell you my soul? I would like to trade it in for a new coked up hooker. Thanks. P.S. Big fan of your work at Xmas. This is Santa right? oh... shi....

crack ***** < marriage

Another argument for abortion we have here aye?

if u become a crack ***** u can hang out with charlie sheen

Pixxio_O 11

Time to start training to be a ***** then :)

TheRealHouse 7

So? Crack is alot of fun and being a ***** means getting paid for sex.. who wouldn't want to have sex for a living and get high all day? Beats arguing with the same person and only having sex with one person for life and paying for and dealing with raising kids and cleaning up after them and wiping their asses!

Did they kick you out using crucifixes?

1 that depends why are they getting a divorce.

kameryn25 3

43 is winning.

Iamnotmyself - you can't abort your parents

its because you live in Canada.

-61 You obviously haven't heard of a shotgun

iamnotmyself one: you are hilarious two: I read a while back on your profile you were wanting to have an active something on FML. KEEP IT UP :D

They sound like they might be very religious with marriage being the most important thing ever. My parents made me be in a religion like that. Couldn't even have a boyfriend till I was 18.

I see nothing wrong with being Satan.

flockz 19

you would just be flaming and horny.

you could easily find a new man that way

-3 The seven princes of hell shall rise again! Hail Satan!

Don't feel like satan but I am to them

You would be jolly and fat. It's not natural.

My nickname in highschool was Satan. It's awesome.

lalamike25 0

My nickname in high school IS Satan haha. Could be my metal music, death metal growls, or pentagrams. I see nothing wrong with either

I see no problem with any of those things(: heavy metal is kinda seriously the shit(:

hah you got moderated! sucker!!

Well, shit happens, I hope you like being a *****

It could be worse. At least you're still healthy and now single :)

kevsnev 7

Not according to OPs parents.

That fear is probably the only reason they are together. If you really don't want to stay together please don't, you do not want to end up like them!

That is where I would slap them, espicially if OP is Christian or Jewish.

And why can't Op be a cocaine ninja those are much cooler!

RedPillSucks 31

Why would it matter what religion they are? The basics of keeping a marriage together is fundamental in most (major) religions, especially the Abrahamic (Christian, Hebrew, Muslim) religions.

You forgot to take their purse

JustDannyG 0

They just don't see how sad this world is now... It must suck hearing their daughter is going thru a divorce

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mommy knows best.

In this case mommy knows nothing.