By Anonymous - Canada
Today, I informed my parents that my husband and I are separating after much deliberation. We came to this conclusion relatively peacefully. According to my parents, I'm now Satan, and will end up on the streets as a crack whore if we don't change our minds and stay together. FML
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  juicedboi  |  7

May I sell you my soul? I would like to trade it in for a new coked up hooker. Thanks.

P.S. Big fan of your work at Xmas. This is Santa right? oh... shi....

  TheRealHouse  |  7

So? Crack is alot of fun and being a whore means getting paid for sex.. who wouldn't want to have sex for a living and get high all day? Beats arguing with the same person and only having sex with one person for life and paying for and dealing with raising kids and cleaning up after them and wiping their asses!


They sound like they might be very religious with marriage being the most important thing ever. My parents made me be in a religion like that. Couldn't even have a boyfriend till I was 18.

  RedPillSucks  |  31

Why would it matter what religion they are? The basics of keeping a marriage together is fundamental in most (major) religions, especially the Abrahamic (Christian, Hebrew, Muslim) religions.