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By Anonymous - 25/01/2014 12:28 - United States - Berkeley

Today, my husband decided to put different condiments on my body to make our sex better. I was thinking whipped cream; he was feeling ketchup. FML
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ChristianH39 30

Did he call you his little French fry?


hm, not like theres a button for that or anything..

bfsd42 20

36, your comment is way more annoying than 1's. Yes, there is a button for that, just like there is a button to express your disapproval of a comment.

But there's also a button to express your disapproval towards #36's comment about his disapproval towards #1's comment about how OP's life sucks because her husband smothered her with what is basically a tomato smoothie.

rahulcool7 14

The heart wants what the heart wants

On the behalf of the entire FML team. we would like to thank you for that smart well thought out first comment. For those who can't tell that was sarcasm. OP I hope you enjoy that tomato smoothie mix and what not

No, he was sucking the ketchup off her body. :)

#45 there's also a button to express your disapproval at #36 expressing their disapproval at #1

"You can make anything taste better with ketchup"- Rodney Carrington

Maybe he thinks your legs look like hotdogs.

#74 Maybe you think it's cool to hijack someone else's comment. It's not. Even if the comment is pointless.

#111. maybe you think its cool to call out someone on threadjacking...

ChristianH39 30

Did he call you his little French fry?

Maybe fries on the side but I think he was just getting the bun ready for the hotdog.

jazzy_123 20

her buns ready for his hot dog...O,O

Thank you for clearing that up, I had no idea what he meant.

jazzy_123 20

oh!! haha it completely went over my head. I was half asleep when I read and wrote that.

#64's picture is absolutely perfect for that comment.

And the sauerkraut. Gotta love the sauerkraut.

I don't get why this thread is getting downvoted. Just like *snaps fingers* this comment.

How about some mayo in the buns? (If you know what I mean ;) )

Hopefully there is no ketchup coming out of the other side #98

I'm still wondering how you chop a union. 22, care to explain?

\ 28

Walmart chops unions with no problem, #113.

Does he think you look like a hotdog, by any chance?

Taking the hotdogs or legs game to a whole new level

Atleast he's trying, be glad he didn't give up O.P.

Your not the one that has to lick it off, if the man likes ketchup let him ketchup all over you

SuckMeBeautifu1 24

Dude, ketchup is the probably most unsexiest condiment you could put on your body. Looks terrible, smells terrible, feels terrible, and makes a big mess.

Maybe, just maybe, he likes it. Just because it's "unsexy" to you, that doesn't mean other people find enjoyment from it.