By Terra
Today, I logged on Facebook and saw my friend who'd been engaged, then broke the engagement, then got back together announce their new wedding date: three days before my wedding. She also sent me a message asking if I'd move my date. We've been planning our wedding for two years. She got engaged six months ago. FML
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By  SlugsOnDrugs  |  13

It's crazy how selfish some people can be. Hopefully she realizes just exactly what she asked you and things work out for the best. Good luck OP and congrats on the wedding!

  nix1993  |  41

Something similar happened to my sister this year. Her fiancé's brother had been with his girlfriend for 10 years and they always said they never planned on getting married. My now brother-in-law told his brother he was going to propose to my sister and then his brother and girlfriend announced their engagement two days later. My sister and brother-in-law sent out their invitations and his brother and girlfriend booked their wedding for exactly a week after theirs. I swear, weddings make people fucking crazy.

Don't let them affect your wedding day OP, if she's that selfish she isn't even worth wasting your time thinking about.